Another One Gone

September 24, 2012

Our weekends seem to be PACKED and FULL always and this one was no different.

I went to work and my mom watched G.  I'm positive they had a grand time and work wasn't sooo bad.  I set the alarm off AGAIN!  But, in my defense the music teacher uses my room and she sets it off too.  The person in charge of the alarms at our school thinks we may have "access" to the wrong cottage (private school talk for portables) which makes total sense since it's the only cottage I use.  (sarcasm).  Everyone at work likes to give me a hard time about it.  We all find it super funny that EVERYONE knows when the fine arts staff gets to campus because alarms go off in the entire school.

My mom is awesome and brought us dinner because Jonathan had to go to an away game.  It was nice that we got to eat dinner with no clean up before he had to leave for the game.  And I might add my child WILL NOT eat green beans which is odd because she literally will eat almost anything.  Well, Nana made green beans and guess who ate them?  Yep, Georgia!  Thanks mom!

Playing before bed:

Jonathan and Georgia ran errands and I reorganized the entire attic in the morning.  I finished it up after G's nap and I'm pretty sure I sweated more than I have in my entire life.  Now all SEVEN of Goergia's clothes bins are put away and not in closets.  Also, all of her baby gear is up there now.  I was not sad in the slightest to get it out from under the beds and up in the attic.  Just one step closer to having our house "show ready" again for march.  I want to be able to use the under bed storage for things I need access to.  Although in theory I HATE having things under the bed.

Then, we cooked for our food exchange (more on that later) and went to The Woodlands to let Georgia pick out a new book, eat yogurt, and go to Chick-fil-A.  We also let her run around/dance/spin in the market area.  I never get sick of hearing people walk by and whisper to the person they're with, "oh, she is so cute".  Maybe I'm full of myself but I just love it.

We went to church as usual.  Taught sunday school and skipped out on church to take J's grandparents some soup because his grandmother had back surgery.

We came home, ate lunch, G napped, I blogged, and my mom came over to babysit again because we were meeting our Sunday Supper Club friends for a no kids, let's go out to eat, night AND exchange freezer meals.  Our friend Allyn is in her 9th month and wanted to prepare for baby Ender's arrival (her 2 boys will be a little less than 2 years apart) by having some pre cooked meals.  She also really wanted greek food so I in no way could tell the preggers no.  It was her idea to have it be no kids too...her last "night out" if you will :)

We each cooked 3 meals and tripled them.  We kept one of each for ourselves and exchanged the others.  So, we cooked 9 meals total and swapped and still ended up with 9 meals but only one of each...if that makes sense.

We cooked turkey taco soup, turkey lasagna, and a breakfast casserole.  We do breakfast for dinner sometimes but I thought it would be nice for Allyn to have a yummy breakfast after a few long nights with the new baby.  So, we kept one of each of those and also received enchiladas, slow cooker creamy chicken, caper tilapia, black bean spinach and corn enchiladas, white bean pumpkin turkey chili, and teriykai chicken .  Our freezer is STOCKED and it's really NICE!  Our grocery bill was only 10 dollars more than normal this week too and that was probably the containers we bought to put the food in AND J and I usually cook 3 meals a week and eat off of leftovers and go out to eat once so 9 meals will last us almost 3 weeks.  Woo hoo!

So, that was our weekend!  Happy Monday everyone!

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Lyndsey said...

haha, i don't think anyone gets tired of hearing their baby is cute! it's a mom thing :)

good for you for all your organizing skills - i really need to get better at organizing Liam's baby clothes.

your church dress is super cute!

Cecilly said...

the dinner swap sounds like fun. G IS so cute!

Tami said...

I love the freezer meals swap! What a great idea. I agree that we all love hearing our babies our cute! It's only natural because we think they are THE cutest things in the world! Love your before church picture. Y'all all look great and your dress was so cute!

Rachel and John said...

I wish I had that many freezer meals in my freezer! Lucky!

Melanie said...

Way to go on the organization of your attic!! Sounds like it was a great weekend!

Veronica and Daniel said...

I love that freezer meal swap idea! Did you get a peach milk shake at Chick-fil-A? They are pretty much my favorite ever :) Happy Monday!

Elizabeth said...

I love hearing that my baby is cute and se has only been here a month! I don't think it will get old. That meal exchange is a.brilliant idea. I would love to have the recipes you made - they sound yummy!


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