Dressing Georgia (and a deal!)

October 2, 2012

{Bow is from HERE and the headband is one of her cheap lace ones.}

I get comments every single week asking me where Georgia got a certain dress, where her shoes are from, how I manage to keep bows in her hair...etc.  So here is a rambling on how I dress my sweet girl.

First of all, I am VERY traditional.  I will pick smocked, gingham, plaid, bubbles, monogrammed, appliqued everyday hands down over characters, glitter, sayings, graphic T's or the like.  But I do occasionally break my own rules for something that applies to us.  For example Georgia has shirts that say, "I love nana" because she has a nana, "Daddy's little Peach" when I typically hate "daddy" anything but we sometimes call her peach because her name is Georgia, she has a Tshirt with a blonde haired blue eyed girl with a blonde dog because that's SO our family!  But normally I stay away from that type of trendy stuff or things that look way too adult.

Second, take hand me downs.  I honestly have not bought most of Georgia's clothes.  Every two months or so my sister in law sends me bags and bags of clothes.  But, if you get hand me downs that are not your style they don't have to wear them.  I've liked everything I've been given so that's never been an issue for me but other people may have trouble with that.

I stay in the super traditional realm for shoes too.  No lights.  Sun San Sandals, Salt Water Sandals, Squeekers, Converse, mary janes, peep toes, and flats.  Nothing with any type of heal no matter how low...some kids flats have those and I hate them.  Oh, and Keds.  LOVE Keds!  Some trends that she will be sporting in the fall though are Uggs and Toms.  I'm also looking for some riding boots for her.

Start bows young.  Georgia does still pull hers off but I know she is much better about leaving them in because she has always had one on her head!  All her smaller bows are from Sam Moon or are WalMart dollar bows  Her big bows are the super cheap bows from Kroger.  Her flowers were flower headbands from Walmart (hair section) that I took of the band and hot glued an alligator clip on.  Her sequin headbands are from WalMart (little girl section) and her plain headbands are from Target (headband section).  Her lace headbands are the headbands/bows that are super tiny in the baby section and I just cut the small bows off.  The super dainty small etsy headbands always left bad marks on Georgia's head so although they are cute we mainly used those for pictures.  I am going to order her some more now that she is older (a few felt bows for the fall) and I can clip them into her hair.  Oh, and the headbands that feel like they are made out of pantyhose material are from Hobby Lobby.  The corkscrew bow in the first pictures was a gift so I have not clue where it's from.

I don't really like jeans on young girls.  I much prefer dresses, skirts, bubbles, and G even wore shorts this summer to play in.  She does have one pair of jeans and one pair of colored skinny jeans I like both of them.  It's just not an all the time thing.  In the winter she'll be wearing tights and boots a lot I'm sure.  The two times I've put jeans on her she tries to pull them off.  She doesn't really care of them.

Georgia has specific clothes for specific things.  A lot of her clothes that are "play clothes" she does not leave our house/yard in.  If we are out and running errands she is dressed up almost to "church clothes" level.  Church usually has to be smocked or appliqued.  I'll sometimes make an exception but not typically.

I love holiday clothes.  I like for her to be able to dress festive for fall all of October/November, in Christmas clothes all of December, and just because I love Valentine's day I like her to dress up the whole month of February.  I can only do this though because I get awesome hand me downs.

She rarely wears clothes from Target or Walmart or anything Carter's.  Those brands would mostly fall under her "play clothes" category.  But, it's not like she's too good for those stores...they just don't carry a lot of things that are my taste.  I do like those stores though for things that need to me monogrammed or appliqued.  I also recently bought a TON of plain shirts from H&M and I love them.  They are super soft and stretchy.  They will be going in my monogram/applique pile.

Shop Goodwill or consignment stores.  I find good deals there ALL.THE.TIME.  But, I don't buy something I don't love just because it's a good deal.  I've found smocked dresses, Janie and Jack, Baby Gap and more all at Good Will

Most of the brands she wears are (in no order) Gap, Old Navy, Gymboree, Janie and Jack, and on facebook I liked "Trunk Show and Boutique Clothes Addicts and Resale", Lolly Wolly Doodle, and Smockadot Kids.  I've also bought things on Ebay.

And, here is the current deal going on at Paper Coterie.  Use the code MIXANDMATCH to get a memory keeper for only 20 bucks!  And, first time customers can still use WELCOMEJOURNAL here to get a free journal.


Natalie said...

I love reading posts like this because we all dress our kids so differently :) I always think Georgia looks cute as a button, but would never dress Callyn in a lot of what she wears. NOT Because I don't like it...I think it's a culture thing. No one around here wears bubbles, smocking, etc. I wouldn't even know what that stuff was if I didn't read blogs!! :) And I totally dress Callyn in jeans and like a grownup, but I think that is completely a midwestern thing too :)
And i completely agree w/ you on the starting bows when they are young thing. Callyn never even seemed to notice hers and would NEVER pull them off and she almost always had one on since she was born and then I got lazy about them a few months ago and now sometimes she pulls them off when we go out and I hate that because I feel like they complete her outfit, haha!

Natalie said...

BUT I should say that Callyn wears a lot of dresses/skirts/tights/boots/sweaters, etc. too. And just in those things when we go out people ask if she's getting her pictures done almost every time, ha! I really do think the midwest is such a casual culture...people think she's dressed to the nines because she has a skirt and bow on!

Nicole said...

I love this post! I'm pregnant with a little girl (due in December) and I absolutely love how you dress Georgia. I love traditional clothes/shoes, too.

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I love this :)

Lyndsey said...

G always looks so cute! I'm hoping William will be on board for more smocked outfits/bubbles/etc if we ever have a girl because he does NOT like them on boys!

Megan C said...

I am going to be pinning this post for future reference haha! Love it so much! She is a precious girl and I just hope my future babies are as cute and well-dressed as Georgia!

Callie Nicole said...

I love that you wrote a post about this, because it gives me inspiration to start looking for things for our girl! I haven't done a ton of shopping yet, because I"m waiting until after showers, but I also haven't bought a whole lot because it feels overwhelming - there are SO MANY girl clothes out there . . . so I'll have to apply some of your suggestions on where to shop. :-)


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