18 Months (And, a winner!)

November 17, 2012

(Sarah Deyle!  You are the winner of my Sweet December Hats Giveaway!)

18 Months

A year and a half

SIX months until you're TWO!

My sweet Georgia Peach,

I have no idea where the time has gone.  My baby girl is getting so big!  Your dad and I talk every day about how funny, smart, and loving you are and how we wish we could freeze time just a bit.  Starting at three months I was sure every.single.month. was my favorite.  Now, I will say the same thing.  I just love 18 months.  Your little personality comes out more and more everyday.  You're so bright, meeting all of your milestones early.  Your humor is really starting to show now that you know how to hide and say "boo", understand being chased, and in general understand the word, "silly" and "excited".  You do things like walk around with a blanket over your head and then take it off and look at us like, "laugh at me...I'm being so funny!"  You also have such a sweet spirit about you.  You love to give hugs and kisses not only to your family but to all your baby dolls and animals, characters you like in books, pictures of people you know, any Elmo you see (anywhere!), and you say "Hi!" and "Bye!" to everything (living or not).  You are just super friendly.

Your stats and sizes:
(haven't gone to your 18 month appointment.)
Shoe - 7
Clothes 24m or 2T
Diaper 4/5

You sleep from about 7-7 on average and nap from 12:30 - 2:30/3:00.

You drink at least 7oz of milk before nap and another 7oz (minimum) before bed.  When you wake up from your nap or in the morning you sip on milk and sometimes you want more than others.  You also have a few ounces of milk after your dinner.  You drink a lot of water through out the day and sometimes have drinkable yogurt with your meals.  Lunch is still at 11 and dinner is at 5 like always.  You are still not a picky eater at all.  You naturally like more foods more than others (LOVE all meats) but you'll even eat green beans now which used to be the only food you wouldn't eat. (got that from your dad!)  You love to dip your foods in anything you can find (got that from your momma) and you love ketchup the most...it's kind of gross how much you enjoy it.

Notable and funny:
You can do puzzles now on your own.  You can get water from the door on the fridge (not that I want you to).  You feed your baby dolls and try to get them to drink from your cup.  You're starting to use more sentences and putting more words together.  You now say "don't know" instead of "know".  Another favorite phrase is "more snacks".  You dance more and more.  You know most of your body part, even the difference between your knee and leg and the difference between face/cheek/head.  You would color or read all day long.  You constantly request to color and climb up onto one of the dining room chairs to get ready (you like to color pictures of people the most and will color the different body parts when asked to) and you're always bringing me books and saying, "re re" which means read.  You told Perry, "good boy".  The only number you will say is "six" although the other day I was counting 1,2,3 and you said FOUR.  You occasionally will tell me "poo poo" and I will sit you on the potty and you'll go...a few times a week...and tee tee too.  Last month you said purple a lot but now every thing is "blue" but you did point at a bell pepper and say orange so that's progress.  You're not a fit thrower (as of yet) and so far understand when I tell you something is "all done" or "all gone".  You're easily distracted so that really helps too.  You've yet to have a melt down that lasted more than 2 minutes or so. (You SO do not get that from me.  I know my mother is nodding in agreement.)  Also, you knowing the sign for "help" really helps!  Your speech is out of control.  You said, "no no bark puppy" the other day to the dog next door.  Also, "jacket.  soft.  daddy's."  Not really complete sentences but you are for sure getting the hold of stringing words together.

Potty time!

Overall, you are an amazingly sweet, lovable, and kind spirited baby girl.  I love every single little bit of you.  Sometimes I'm pretty sure I'm about to hurt you because I squeeze you so tight.  I love you Peachy Pie!

And, a video.  We don't usually listed to that type of music but the girl LOVES to dance and it was the only music video I could find on short notice.  This video is really long and boring but she dances in the beginning.

This is just a video of her spinning in circles.


MSDeyle said...

I just love her little blonde curls in the back! So sweet.

Kristin said...

she is just too precious!!

Lyndsey said...

Isn't it crazy that this time last year we were already planning their first birthdays?!?! I haven't done a thing for Liam's second yet other than pinning random ideas - I guess planning time will get shorter and shorter as each year passes, haha.

Happy 18 Months, Gigi! She is looking precious as always in all her pics, and I'm loving that polkadot bow!

Rachel and John said...

Henry just laughed so hard at the first video when G hid in the curtain. He loves to do that too!

Melanie said...

Can't believe our kids are getting close to turning 2 already!! Love all the pictures..she's so sweet!

Tami said...

How in the world did our babies turn into big girls so fast! I love reading about Georgia- she and E sound so much alike! That is awesome that she will sit in the potty. Emerson will sit there for about 3 seconds and then she starts yelling "all done." Maybe I should try some Taylor, too! ;)

Megan C said...

I love this girl! She is adorable... I miss her! Love her dancing videos, made me smile

Mallorie said...

SO I just had to go back and read this post on miss G. She and EC are so similar! EC spins in circles just like that right now. It's like watching a video of Emma Claire. Hilarious.


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