November 20, 2012

We kicked off our thanksgiving break with a little camping trip. (J's school was doing a service project there Saturday morning so we just spent the night there on Friday)  We stayed in a beautiful cabin so it wasn't technically camping but it was still a fun change of pace.  When we first got there I took my camera out while Georgia explored and DIED.  Yeah, so there are a few "big camera" pictures but most are phone pictures.  I just had to get over it and be thankful that I had my phone there to capture Georgia's first wilderness experience.

Had a very large screened porch

The bathroom had a solid wood sliding door.  It was awesome.  There was a "bedroom" on either side of the bathroom but no walls (only around the bathroom).

We let her walk near the lake.  Her boots got stuck in the mud.  (Purple butterflies for the record ARE NOT my thing but I was a nice mom and let G pick out which boots she wanted.) 

Smores and Jonathan being a good daddy and drying the flower Georgia carried around for hours.

The next morning.  Georgia was a champ and slept her normal 11.5-12 hours in her packNplay set up in the bathroom.  She so LOVED this quick trip.

The bridge over Peach Creek.  Very fitting for our sweet Georgia.

The beach and deck at Peach Creek.

Snake room at the nature center.  We didn't stay long.  She much preferred the turtle too!

And, unedited from the "big" camera.


Callie Nicole said...

What a bummer that you camera died! These are still great pictures though - looks like a fun time!

Tami said...

What a fun little giveaway. It looks like G had afun time exploring. I had to laugh about the purple butterfly boots. I think we're getting to the stage where we're going to have to give in more and more when it comes to letting the girls choose. :) It may not always match our taste/fashion sense but at least they'll be happy. ;)

Lyndsey said...

Love her purple puffy vest! Will keeps asking for a weekend camping trip, but I told him I'd only go if it was in a cabin!

Megan C said...

I hate when that happens to my camera :( Sounds like so much fun, I want to try out that place... or at least more camping.


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