Big Girl Hair

December 27, 2012

Georgia doesn't have a TON of hair just yet but after looking at THIS website I felt a little inspired to try something new.

Everyone kept asking me how I got my baby to sit still (and, if you've met Georgia you know "sitting" doesn't happen too often) but I did have a few tricks.  I let her watch TV, read books, play with ice, play with the comb, and try to figure out the spray conditioner.  (The spray conditioner is why her hair is wet and slick.  There is no hair spray in her hair.  I use The Honest Company conditioner.)

The first time I did this (pictures with the purple shirt) it took about 30 minutes.  I let her take breaks too because she kept touching her head like I was crazy.  The second and third times have gone much faster.

Notice, it's uneven but it was my very first try!

AND...after :)

I LOVE all the fun we're having with new hair styles.  I DO need to take her to get a trim though.  It's kind of shaggy...I don't like shaggy on girls.


Tami said...

It is too precious for words and she looks like such a big girl! I am definitely checking out that website. Maybe I can bribe E with Elmo or something... :)

Sarah said...


the {re}formed ranch said...

so so precious! she is just too cute!!

Kristal said...

cute hair, we just got Ryane's cut. I need to get pictures of her posted...


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