December 13, 2012

I've been feeling very craft lately.  I seem to be always making something, gathering supplies for my next project, or cleaning up from a past endeavor.

Scrap fabric letter
I used an old poster board and left over fabric.  I cut the fabric into small pieces and let Georgia use the glue stick to glue them down.  I just let her cover the G in glue and then she picked up the pieces and placed them where she wanted.  When it was dry I Modge Podged the entire thing.  Once that was dry I cut of the parts that were hanging off of the G so you could still make out the shape.  I was really surprised by how well she did with this.  Honestly, I didn't think this would go over so well or I would have put more effort into the "G".  I don't really like the one I cut out.

Upcycled Clothes

I used an old shirt of my mom's.  I cut the sleeves off and hemmed that area.  I basically just laid an A-Line dress of Georgia's over the shirt, traced it with a seam allowance, and went from there.  It was two simple seams down the side and a hem at the bottom.  The arm holes were the hardest.

This skirt was made from Jonathan's polo.  If you were to look at it up close (or the dress) you would see how poorly I sew.  I just made the waste band then sewed the skirt to the waste band (gathered it by pinning before I sewed).  I didn't do tutorial pics for either of these because I was literally shocked they didn't fall apart when washed.  I kind of used THIS tutorial.

G's art book
I've been photographing all of Georgia's art and sunday school projects and have now compiled it into a book.  I plan to print the book when she is 2 and then start a new one.  It's so much easier to hold onto memories of my budding Van Gogh this way.

Wrapping paper
I saved our Trader Joe's bags and let Georgia go to town on them.  Now, I've upcycled her art into wrapping paper.  Of course, I took a picture of her masterpiece first so that when it gets thrown away it won't hurt so bad and I can put it in her art book.  Also, I thought the Christmas yarn was a fun touch and I also whipped up the felt flowers with my handy glue gun.  Pretty simple but cute...I think.

Fall wreath
I literally made this in about 45 minutes.  I had a Halloween wreath for October but we were already into November and without a Thanksgiving wreath.  This doesn't scream "thankful" but it did the job just fine.  I actually really like the simplicity.  It's a keeper!

Acorn Garland
I'm really into garlands.  I just let Georgia color on some white paper and then traced and cut out the acorns and hot glued them to some floss...because that's all I had at the time.  Oh, and I only let her use fall/warm colors so that it would fit with the theme.  I just adored it.  I hope when I get it out it isn't tangled :/

Holiday Signs
Pretty simple.  I used my little artist's hands and feet to create these.  Just a tip.  Trace your little one's hand onto a piece of paper, cut that out, and then use it as a trace to put their hands on whatever you like.  This way, their hands won't squirm and mess up your paint job.  Last year I did hands/feet on plates so I tried to use the opposite hand/foot on a canvas this year just to change it up.  For example:  Last year we did a Santa hand on a plate so this year we did a reindeer foot on a canvas.

Painted pumpkin
Really straight forward.  I used acrylic craft paint (only one coat) to paint a chevron pattern onto a white pumpkin.  Jonathan picked to paint the stem purple.  I love that he took an interest.  He complimented me 100 times on this pumpkin and even told me he was glad I got a picture to remember it.

Indian vest
Such an old idea but Georgia had fun coloring her Trader Joe's bag turned indian vest.  She even put her "Bison" sticker on it which is so fitting for my child.  (It's a little known fact that my favorite animal is a buffalo).

Pine Cone Garland
This was super easy.  I just used floss and wrapped it several times around the pine cones.  

Fall Cookies
These tasted amazing.  So amazing that I wasn't able to get a picture before they were eaten.  I used a recipe (that I can't find now) for those big fluffy bakery sugar cookies and used THIS recipe for the coloration.

Christmas Art
I used to create all of these.  I wanted either regular art in Christmas colors or Christmas art in regular colors that matched her room.  I decided on Christmas colors and love it but will probably do the opposite next year.  Like, a reindeer in yellow to match her room.

Fabric Tutus
So fun and cute.  I used THIS tutorial but cut the fabric into points to make it look more finished.  I didn't buy any fabric for these or elastic.  I already had all the materials so this project cost me zero dollars which is awesome!  I made one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas!  I especially liked the tutorial I used because they are really full.

You can see how full it looks!
Turkey Pizza
I wanted to do a jack-o-lantern pizza but didn't get around to it until November.  So, I changed my plans and made a turkey pizza instead.  I thought it was so cute.  I plan to do a snow man pizza soon as well.

(Some of these crafts may overlap/ have overlapped other blog posts.  So, sorry if you have seen these already and they might just pop up again!)

We've been having A LOT of fun!


Natalie said...

Wow, you have been a busy lady!
I love the idea of an art book. I think I heard about an app or something that does something similar. I'll have to look into it since we've been getting more into art lately.

Callie Nicole said...

Wow, you've been busy - I love all the projects! I'm so impressed with the shirt you turned into a dress for Georgia, and the scrap fabric G is so cute!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

You have been a busy little bee girlie! I love this whole entire post... I do not think I hate one thing about about. I so wish I could be a busy little be with crafts like you :) Oh & random question how did you do Georgia's designs in her room on pic monkey. What did you go to & such?

Melanie said...

Love your have been BUSY!!! I love crafting..I especially loved the scrap material tutu you made for G..nice!!


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