Girl's Getaway

December 7, 2012

This past weekend I went to Canton (a HUGE trade days type of thing here in TX) with my three best girl friends from college.  Jaclyn, Ashley, and Megan are the best.  We didn't take many pictures.  We were too busy eating, shopping, and watching, my face wasn't looking too hot from the terrible hotel sleep so it's probably best that pictures were not taken!

Most of these pictures were stolen from my friend's instagram.  Thanks ladies ;)

We had to get snacks on the way there.  This was Meg's less than stellar choice.

Our only group picture that isn't really...

Some of the BEST people watching anywhere.Period.  Mind you, these scooters were not by medical need. You could rent them just so you didn't have to walk.  The place is huge.

The car loaded up!  No the eat sign is not mine.  But, I am the one flipping my hair in the background.  Thanks Meg.

My fun finds!

Two shirts for G

Bow holder (and, it full of bows!)  I only bought 6 of them in Canton

Cute school chair...only 10 bucks!  Bonus:  it's PINK!

I bought a few other things too and ate a lot of fair was nice.

And, while I was with the girls Jonathan did an excellent job with Georgia duty.  He sent me TONS of pictures while I was away.

Everyone involved had a great time!


Heather Ward said...

Ohh, I love Canton! My favorite place is the "old" part where all the "junk" yet cheap stuff is! :) And the scooters, girl, tell me about it...all those ladies could use a little walking, if you ask me! ;) Great post, love the blog!

Megan C said...

So fun! Can't wait to go back! Love all the pics of G while you were gone, looks like she had a great time!

Nicole said...

I love your blog and Georgia is so cute! Where do you buy her bows? They are always so cute and the perfect size! Thanks.


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