Random Thoughts

December 5, 2012

Just a bunch of random thoughts that are not big enough to be posts all their own:

It's nice to be back from my blog break because I don't feel banned from it anymore but at the same time it was so nice to take a break.  I got so much done and was just so productive not being glued to my computer 24/7 making sure I got posts up.  I did update facebook because my parents are on there but not instagram.  Sometimes I just feel a bit too connected.

I seem to be surrounded by pregnant people or people who have just had babies.  I mentioned this to my friend Lauren like a month or so ago at Chick-fil-A (she has a daughter only 6 weeks older than Georgia) and she said the thought of her being pregnant right now made her want to cry.  Ha!  I have to agree.

I'm totally not a germaphobic mom and am pretty laid back about most things.  I don't cut her food into super tiny bites, she plays in the back yard naked all the time, if she falls down I usually ignore her because if I get upset then she gets upset, we throw her in the air, let her go down slides and up stairs all by herself, she swings in the big kid swings, eats dirt and leaves, I've left her in the church nursery since she was 6 weeks, as soon as she was unswaddled (and before she was swaddled) she was and is a tummy sleeper and none of those things have ever bothered me.  I'm just not the over protective type but there are a few things that I'm pretty particular about.  What she eats, how well she sleeps, and her watching TV.  I guess we all have our "things".

Girls at Jonathan's school tweet about him.  Gross.  And, they like to ask him if he's happily married.  Oh, because if he wasn't he would be all about dating a 15 year old.  Eww, come on girls!

The other day Georgia DID NOT want to leave the park.  She refused to leave.  Georgia is not a big fit thrower by any means but I'm trying to show her that it is not always Georgia's way or the highway.  Anyways, she is sitting on the sidewalk a few yards away from our car crying "swing.  swing" so I told Jonathan to turn the car on to see if she would get the picture that we were leaving.  Nope, she didn't care.  So, Jonathan told me to get in the car (with G still on the sidewalk) and he put the car in reverse and started to back out of the parking space.  She totally got the picture.  It was heart breaking.  She stood up and instantly was hysterical at the thought of us leaving her.  Of course I jumped out of the car and ran to her (hysterically laughing) and she ran past me yelling "bye bye park. bye bye."  Yep.  I think she got it.  Tough love.  (Mind you, we were the only ones at the park)

Jonathan lost Georgia the other day in the house.  She came back into the living room with her plastic tea cup full of water from the fridge door.  She's awesome and mischievous at the same time.

When Georgia was born I didn't not have that overwhelming sense of "love" for her.  I know that's strange but as soon as I saw her I thought #1 holy crap how did a human just come out of me and #2 she is all mine. Not all mine as in I love you so much and I don't have to share you.  All mine, as in, you are my full responsibility, nobody else's, this is really heavy, really scary, and a lot to take in at the moment...I'm going to screw this up.  I'm totally a type A personality.  Super high stung and intense.  Not sure if that comes off on my blog or not but I am.  I took parenting the TOTALLY wrong way the first few months.  Got knocked off my high horse (I'm usually a "my way or the high way" type of person) a million and one times and in general have so many moments I wish I could redo or take back.  The gushing type love did come for me...at around 3 months (once colic, mastitis, thrush, sleep training, and thyroid levels were under control...that alone is enough to drive you crazy)...the kind where if I think about how much I love Georgia I'll start crying.  I have already vowed to go into parenting round 2 MUCH differently.  (Hopefully colic, mastitis, thrush, and CRAZY thyroid levels won't tag along again!)

Georgia is really into hiding lately and flowers.  She LOVES them!  She also says, "funny" a lot...as in, at least 100 times a day if not more.  (Speaking of "a lot".  It's two words.  "Alot" is not a word.")

Ok, that's my random for today!


Megan C said...

Love these stories... cracks me up about her filling up her own water! She is so smart!

Sarah said...

I enjoyed your random post. I also didn't have that in love feeling when they put the babe in my arms. I was thinking, I AM SO GLAD THAT IS OVER. I AM NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN. I had no epidural but was a little fuzzy headed from the drugs they let me have. Anyway, that gushing in love thing came a little later that same day, but I've always been a bit disappointed I didn't have that so happy you're crying moment right after delivery.

ps- georgia is adorable


Lauren @ 1 Sweet Fairytale said...

hi there! i'm a new follower and this was kind of a cute post to get give me a glimpse of your life overall. and georgia sounds like a total cutie pie!! :)
xoxo, lauren

Lyndsey said...

Lol, I do the fake bye-bye with Liam too when he doesn't want to leave. He always comes sprinting after me when I start to walk away. Works like a charm!

Sweet pic of G!

Melanie said...

I love random posts..there are so many times I need to do the same thing because I have so many things floating around in my mind to blog about! Love reading about how you parent too..everyone has their own ways and what works for you might not work for someone else..but thats ok! I wish people wouldnt be so harsh on parenting 'styles'! There is no 'right' way!

Tami said...

I agree that it seems like EVERYBODY is pregnant! Most people that I know that have babies younger than E are pregnant with number 2. I definitely want another one but I'm terrified at the idea of taking care of 2!


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