January 10, 2013

We use Honest Company diapers and we honestly LOVE them.  

The Honest Company is a diaper subscription company (super eco friendly) and they also do home product bundles as well.  We receive both bundles at our house.  For 80 dollars a month I get a months worth of diapers and wipes which I never use all of them because we get SO many.  That's 20 bucks a week for both diapers and wipes and we were spending more than that.  The home bundle is 36 dollars and you get to pick any 5 products.  I usually always get the detergent, fabric softener, and body wash.  

Pictured here is hand sanitizer, stain remover, fruit and veggie wash, laundry detergent, and their new lip balm (which I LOVE!)

My favorite thing about them (other than being baby bum friendly and earth friendly) is that if I don't use all the diapers by the end of the month I can log onto my account and have my shipment bumped back another month (or just a week or two...I get to pick my shipping date).  So, while I am signed up for a monthly subscription I end up only paying the 80 dollars every other month, because like I said, you get a TON of diapers in each shipment.

Below I added a screen shot of my account to show you the size and pattern options.  You can select up to 6 patterns.  I have G in a 5 because she is tall not for weight. She is only 25 pounds but the 5 fits her great.

Here are a few candid shots of Georgia where she happens to be wearing Honest diapers.

I have heard a few people say they are not absorbent (they claim to actually be 20% MORE absorbent than the leading brand) but that just has not been the case for us.  We don't change her anymore than we normally had in any other diaper brand and I actually change her less than I did with Pampers.  Her Pampers always looked saggy.  (We still use Huggies nighttime diapers at our house).  She has never leaked out of these during the day and Georgia is a HEAVY wetter.  She wears two nighttimes at night with a booster inside and we've still had leaks at night.  

Over all my family LOVES these diapers.  I wanted to do cloth originally but had a lot of opposition so I found this to be a good compromise at my house although we aren't compromising anything!

This summer we will be buying their cloth swim diapers for sure and just months from now I will be using their training pants as well.

Go HERE to learn more about Honest Diapers
Go HERE to get your own!


Sarah said...

Those are cute! I used cloth diapers for about six months (even tho hubs hated it) but switched back because of all the leaks. No matter how I washed them they leaked. Went back to Huggies, which I think are the best!

Allison Boutwell said...

I had been thinking about using Honest for diapers for quite some time (before Dominick was even born), but just never have. I was worried we'd spend more money on diapers than what we do now with Pampers. I may have to give them a shot. :)

Sarah C. said...

We use the Honest Company for diapers and cleaning/baby stuff :) I love getting my shipments every month. We do the diapers every other month too - there are so many! We tried cloth but I just couldn't keep up with all the laundry so I'm perfectly happy with this eco-friendly alternative. And I LOVE the lip balm too! I use a lot of the stuff for myself as well as for my baby (lotion, hair conditioner spray, healing balm etc.) I love that I can clean my whole house without worrying about toxic chemicals.

I'm a terrible commenter but I've been following for a long time :)

Tami said...

I've been wanting to try them forever but I was worried it would take too long for them to be shipped here. I think I'll try them out when we get back. They are so cute!!


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