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January 8, 2013

I am SO angry about the elementary school shooting.  I know this is late but I don't really care.  Not only am I upset because of the innocent babies who were killed for NO REASON AT ALL but on 12.21.12 (the "end" of the world) there were so many threats from students at my husband's school (at school, on FB, twitter) about bringing guns and the like.  They checked all of the theories out, all proved to be hoaxes, and nothing ever happened at his smallish country high school but STILL!  I shouldn't have to be anxious about my husband going to work as an assistant principal.  He's not a police officer, or a fire fighter, or in the military...he works at a SCHOOL for goodness sake and now I'm nervous about what some little punk is going to do.

My husband just told me that the color "goldenrod" makes him mad and he finds it totally unnecessary   Are you kidding me Jonathan?  You're weird!

I wish we could travel more but we don't really have the opportunity.  Everyone thinks that if you work for a school then you get so many days off.  Well, if you're a teacher who doesn't coach or teach summer school than you do.  But, Jonathan always coached so that means he didn't get the summers off and he taught summer school.  Now that he's an AP he gets only 1 month off in the summer.  So, that means he only gets 4 weeks of vacation all year.  (We can't travel over the holidays...we're too busy with family).  We want to try and move our immediate family vacation (me, G, and J) to Spring Break because his one month break fills up fast with my family's group vacation and then his family's group vacation BUT last spring break and this spring break means SELL THIS HOUSE!  I don't want to leave our house the first week on the market.  Overall, it's just hard to coordinate.  We really want to do a big Texas vacation, New Mexico, Colorado, California again, and of course Europe but I feel like we just have NO TIME!

I'm still running and I hate it.  Loathe it.  I go about 2-3 times a week.  In my prime I ran an 8 minute mile.  Pretty sure I couldn't do that on my best day now.  And, I need new current ones just are not cutting it!  To make things even better...sometimes when I run I break out in what looks like hives.  I'm not even kidding.  Jonathan and I are yet to figure out what is going on.  Oh, and they ITCH like crazy.  Ever tried to run when you feel like your body is covered in poison ivy?  It sucks.

Christmas always makes me feel cluttered.  I do like the Christmas decor in the beginning but the day after Christmas I am SO ready to pack it all away.  After fall decorations then Christmas decorations I am just ready to get all my regular stuff back out and be able to breathe again.  The feeling is made worse by how I feel about the gifts I bought.  I always feel like I buy too many and I always say I'm going to scale back and this year we did so good!  We had just the perfect amount of gifts and I loved every single one of them!  And, all of our decor is packed away in the attic and it feels fantastic!

Jonathan bought me a Nook Color for our anniversary.  I pretty much begged for it.  AND...I sold it last month.  No harm no foul...just totally silly of me.  I never used it like I thought I would.  I either use my phone, laptop, or read real books.  I just couldn't get into it.  The hubs has an iPad.  I don't like it either and refuse to use it most of the time.  I also sold my monogrammer...just couldn't get into that either.  Attention to small details drives me nuts.

When thinking about baby number two I'm not sure if I would go with induction the second time around.  I induced the day after my due date and Georgia came SUPER fast.  I only pushed for 20 minutes and my entire labor from first contraction to Georgia laying on my chest was about 4.5 hours.  I was only at 1 cm when I was induced and very comfortable in my pregnancy.  Didn't feel huge and uncomfortable at all.  I induced with Georgia because I felt like a time bomb.  My only concern is that since Georgia was born SOOOO fast I worry that I may not make it to the hospital in time.  They say your second one comes faster.  I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there.  I think both options are fine.  I'm not "pro" one way or another and I don't think it should be a hot topic...just a random thought.  To each their own.

Speaking of babies, we're not sure when we want another one now.  At first we were really excited about maybe having them 3 years apart but now with us putting our house back on the market in the spring/summer we're not sure how the timing of buying-moving-selling is going to go.  If our house was not to sell again and we couldn't move it would put a damper on the whole "welcome baby number 2" thing.  This probably isn't making any sense.  So, we'll probably be seeing what our housing situation is before we make any big family planning decisions.  Plus, it makes me really nervous to be hooked up to a baby/pump all day (if things pan out as they did last go around) with a toddler running around the house too.  Thinking about having to split my time could literally make me cry right now.  Also, I used to want 4 kids.  Well, I don't want to pay for 4 kids college so then I said I wanted 3.  Then, I had one and realized how much work it was and my husband only wants 2 so...he's been really convincing lately of just having 2.  Who knows...yes, mom.  I know what you're thinking.

I'm FINALLY starting to feel better!  That means I have to start working out again.  I literally have not had the lung capacity to do so the past few weeks and I enjoyed WAAAAY too many sweet during the holiday season.  I will be running sprints tonight and I will most likely feel like I'm going to die!


Michelle said...

On the hives - do you take Claritan or anything like that? I have pretty bad allergies, and if I don't take Claritan before working out, I break out pretty badly due to the allergens coming out in the pores.

Natalie said...

I always wanted four kids too...until this pregnancy! being pregnant with a little one is SO hard. granted I just have hard pregnancies in general, but it has definitely had us rethinking our desire for four!

Melanie said...

Great randoms! Yeah we're definately the 'one and done' type..we're not having anymore kids! I was always the 'I'm not having ANY kids' but then changed my mind..glad I did because I couldn't imagine life without Makayla. But..we're both 'older'..not past being able to have kids..but you know..I just don't want my kids' friends saying 'How old IS your mom and dad anyways???'! Damon already deals w/that one now..let alone if we had another!! Good luck w/the house & move situation!

Tami said...

I like your new blog look! I love reading random posts like this! I think it's great that you are keeping up your running- even if you hate it! As far as the hives- I don't know, girl! I do get all itchy and tingly when I do a hard run but I've never actually had hives. Yikes!

Megan C said...

We had a lot of threats at our school too but they were all proven to be rumors and fake... but still it is a scary thing.


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