Potty Training {Part I}

January 14, 2013

I've mentioned several times that we have official begun potty training Georgia.  It has been somewhat Georgia led and somewhat led by me.

We introduced the potty at 16 months when Georgia was "straining" to go poo poo so I sat her on the potty to let gravity help her out and it did.  From then on when ever she would do her potty face I would take her in the bathroom as quickly as I could to try and have her go in the potty.

Maybe because of the above or maybe it was developmental but she began to tell me "poopoo" either when she needed to go or had already gone.  At that point we began pushing the potty issue a bit more.  I would take her in there one or twice a day without her prompting me and let her drink a ton of water so she could feel and understand going peepee on the potty.  Not sure if this step did anything or not.  During this phase she would get water, food, watch music videos, and read books.  Anything to keep her on the potty to catch a few drops of pee.  Anytime she made a "deposit" as Jonathan says she gets a small piece of candy and LOTS of clapping and high fives!

Then, on January 5th (a week and a half shy of 20 months) I made the decision to put panties on Georgia.  She had just been talking about the potty more so I figured we might as well give it a try.  As of now we have had 4 peepee accidents and none with poop.

She still gets candy for going on her big girl potty, clapping, and tons of high fives...and she knows and expects it.  I'm fine with that.  She has also occasionally started telling up "potty" to let us know that she needs to go.  She says, "poopoo potty" whether she needs to go #1 or #2.  We're working on that.

Here is our potty routine as of right now:

When she wakes up I take off her night time diapers and put on a fresh diaper (she doesn't like to sit on the potty first thing in the morning) and I bring her to my bed with a sippy cup of milk.  After about 20 minutes I take her to the potty.  I undress her all the way from the waist down and sit her on her potty seat.  Her diaper is usually still dry and she pees usually right away.  We don't bring in any distractions or toys.  When she goes she gets a sugar free jelly bean and I clap and praise her.  Then, her big girl panties go on and we go back and try every 20 minutes or so.  After lunch she sits on the potty with the door closed by herself until she poops.  It just works for her.  I sit outside the door so I can hear when she goes.  I put her diaper back on her for her nap and when she wakes up we begin again just like we did when she woke up in the morning.

We don't go on errands without a diaper or anything like that and I haven't used Pull Ups yet either.  A mother at my church said not to use them so we'll see how that goes.

We use THESE panites and a potty seat similar to THIS.  (She actually grabbed it at the store one day and would not let go.  I figured that was a good thing and we would go with it!)

I had a potty chair (that you have to dump the liquid) but it's in the attic and I don't plan to use it.  It's just easier to teach her on the real thing.

Overall, baby girl is ROCKING it and I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop.  At home now, we just don't do diapers and it's so nice.  This is only the beginning though.  We still have to get her to always tells us she needs to go, train her through naps and bedtime (that will be a LONG time from now) and figure out what to do when we're not at our house.

I'm not even going to push the nap time or night time issue until she starts occasionally waking up dry from her nap, since to me, peeing in her sleep isn't something she can really control at this point.  I'm also keeping the crib around AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!  (I will search the world for a crib tent people...I don't care what people say about them.)  So, that will have issues with potty training I'm sure.  But again, we'll learn as we go!

Does anyone have any luck with portable potty seats?  Like, if you're out to eat?

If you have any tips by all means, let me hear them.  I'm not in a rush though...we're just slowly going through this process.


Lyndsey said...

Go Georgia! That's awesome you haven't had to deal with any #2 accidents, the thought alone makes me want to hurl! I think I need to get Liam a new potty seat. I thought I was buying a "good" one, but he acts like it is really uncomfortable and doesn't like to sit on it for long. But I'm waiting until we've finished the bed transition! I'm SO not taking on two things at once, yikes!

theseemanfamily said...

I used this portable potty chair for my son and it was perfect. It's so small, just fits great in the car, it will even fit in your purse (ha!). I've used this countless amount of times when there was no bathroom in sight or just driving in the car and don't have time to get to a gas station. Comes with little bags that you just throw out.


Natalie said...

yay georgia!!! that is so awesome! and yes, keep her in her crib as long as possible. we tried and it didnt work out and Tony declared shes staying in her crib til shes at least 5 haha!

Tami said...

Yay Georgia! It sounds like she has the potty thing down! I plan on doing pretty much the same thing. I know it will take a while before she's out of diapers completely but just not using them during the day will be so nice!

Brittney Galloway said...

I was planning on starting this weekend with Grace but Sophia has had some serious sleep regression... we'll see! I also need to get a different seat- I have a little pour and dump potty but poor baby girl gets a ring on her heiney after just a minute!

Megan C said...

YAY Georgia! That is great progress and I am sure I will refer to this post when I have kids!

Kristal said...

That is awesome...we use the same panties. We didn't do pull ups, I wanted her to know the difference in "big girl panies" and diapers. I thought the pull ups would confuse her. Nighttime and naptime training came quickly after daytime training. They just start holding it on their own. Yeah Georgia!!! We dance and sing after potty time---tee-tee in the potty, tee-tee in the potty, tee-tee in the potty, cause that's what big girls do!! Rheagan made it up.....I can't take credit :)

MICHELE said...

Awesome! I am an early potty training mom too! She is doing great! Naps and night will come, you don't really have to push those. Acutally my daughter will be 4 next month and still wets her pull up 3 nights/week but dry at nap, she has been potty trained since 18m fully by 23m. My doc said it will improve and she is a HARD sleeper. My son will be 2 on Wed! and is a rock star at it too, minus #2 he just gets scared doing it, so he saves it for nap. HA! ANYWAY, when we are out and about I just take a toilet ring stick it in a shopping sack and shove it in my large diaper bag...it works, just keep Clorox wipes with you for after.
Also, I don't know what diapers you use, but we use the Huggies slip ons, just for ease (I am a Pampers snob, but unfortunately for them they don't have slip ons...) And pull ups aren't bad for those errand moments or out and abouts, it is easy to take them when you can slip them up and down like undies, neither of my kids were confused by it. Good luck and way to go!!

Melanie said...

Yay for Georgia! I bought a bunch of 'supplies' over the weekend..we're gonna try to give it a go soon though I'm still not totally convinced she's 'there' yet. We'll see..hope she's as sucessful as Georgia is!

Callie Nicole said...

I'm so glad you're posting on this - it's interesting to read about how it's going! We haven't even started with W yet, because I figure I should let him adjust to having a baby around first - we'll probably start in a couple months . . .


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