28 Days of Valentine's

February 1, 2013

I will be posting one Valentine's activity, craft, or recipe EVERYDAY in February.
{Because Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday}

Check back everyday to see all the fun we're having this month!

First up is something I did for Christmas as well.  I made three peices of art for Georgia's room.  For Christmas I made ordinary art in Christmas colors.

Sorry for the poor photo!
Now, for Valentine's day I decided to do Valentine's themed art but to match the colors of Georgia's room.

I made all of these very simply on my Cricut.  They didn't take me long at all.  Georgia's room has NO natural light (I block it all with LOTS of window coverings) so these pictures aren't the best.  You get the idea though.  Maybe Valentine's day will be Georgia's favorite someday too!

Be sure to check back tomorrow!


Catherine said...

I love the artwork in her room filled with your beautiful creations. I am sure she will love Valentine's day just as much as her mama!

Natalie said...

How fun!! Can't wait to see all of your projects :)

Megan C said...
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Megan C said...

Those turned out awesome! She will probably love Valentine's Day as well! One day I need to come over and see what all the fuss is about a Cricut. I have never really used one but I would like to see if I would like it or it would be worth my while.

Lyndsey said...

Fun! I'll have to steal some of your ideas/activities!


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