Valentine's Day 15 {How We Celebrate}

February 15, 2013

This is how we celebrated Valentine's day at our house!

First, on the 13th I was invited to a Girl's Night "Galentine's" celebration.  I said goodbye to Georgia and drove across town in horrible traffic but am SO glad I made it!

My friend Rachel insisted that I pose with the table set up.  She's so funny.  Our hostess Allyn, she is just amazing.  She has two little boys (2 and 3.5 months) and was still able to do all of this.  She's awesome!

She gave us gift bags with personalized mugs.  She picked a quote that reminds her of each person and put it on the mug and then gave us hand written notes that described why we were friends.  Honestly, she is just too much.  She had Rachel in tears...apparently I'm cold hearted ;)  I need to do a whole post dedicated to this evening.  It was that great!

Oh, and then there is her GORGEOUS back porch that her husband (my husband's frat brother) had built for her (for mother's day I think?)  They are such a sweet family and I'm so blessed to know them.  It was a lovely evening!

Then, on the morning of the 14th I had G's whole set up for her.

Did some coloring at "school" time.

Played with her balloons from her MeMe.

Then, we got dressed and took a few pictures!  Of course...

And, our best shot at some self timer pictures...blurry and disinterested. 
{I didn't edit her eye color.}

Then, we went and played at the mall.  Oh my gosh.  I know she's mine but look how cute she is!  Sheesh!

We also played in the photobooth.  I look like a crazy in the last one because I was trying to get her to show me her teeth!

Then, we ate lunch, lounged, and napped.  And boy did she nap.  She's been very sleepy lately (enjoying it while it lasts!) but today she slept over 3 hours.  Lovely.

We played outside and waited for the Mr. to get home from work.

When Jonathan got home we exchanged gifts.  Actually, mine hasn't come in the mail but he gave me some candy (notice, it's Easter candy) and a card.  He told me what he got me.  It's awesome.  I'll post when it comes in!

We decided to go out for dinner which was nice.  We went as a family so it wasn't a "romantic" dinner but that's ok.

Jonathan's awesome secretary, Mary, bought Georgia the coolest bow.  All the layers are magnetic so you can stack them how you want.  It came with blue layers as well to add for Jonathan's school colors.  That's the bow she had on when we went to dinner.  I thought it was a fun fancy flair for Valentine's Day!

Then we came home and put G in bed and watched Downton Abbey on iTunes.  It was a really fun day!


Megan C said...

Looks like so much fun! The girl's night seemed like a great time, I love their back porch! I am glad you had such a great Valentine's!

Tami said...

It sounds like a really fun day! I love that top picture of you and G. You look so pretty!

Elizabeth said...

That is one amazing back porch! That would be in my dream house for sure. Love Georgia's dress. I think it's ok that you went out to dinner as a family - you are still spending it with the people you love and that is what it's all about! Have a great weekend!

Melanie said...

Love the pics you took outside with the sun rays coming pretty! We use the same sippy cup..its the BEST out there!! Glad y'all had a great day!


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