Valentine's Day 4 {Thumbprint Hearts} / Our Weekend!

February 4, 2013

{If you're not interested in Valentine's day then scroll past this to get to our weekend part of the post!}

Today's project is super cute and quick and resides in our kitchen.  Georgia's thumb prints, followed by mine, and then Jonathan's to make a small column of hearts.  As soon as I did Georgia's she pointed and said, "heart!".  I used hot pink paint and put our initials under them with tiny letter stamps.  Took me all of 5 minutes to do this and I think it's rather sweet.

Hope everyone is having a happy February!

And, if you are not a weekend reader scroll down or go HERE for our Valentine's photo shoot or HERE for our Valentine's pizza that I posted about on Saturday and Sunday!

And, our usual weekend post!

Our neighbor made Georgia a messenger bag!  How cute is that?!  Georgia LOVES it!

Jonathan was so kind as to snap a few pictures of G and I, per my request and I love them all...well, all the ones that were not blurry!

But of course, she only looks this happy for her daddy!

Saturday we went to my mom's house.  I just can't get enough of this outfit!

 I love this picture even though it's blurry.  They love uncle Jonathan!

My mom bought the grandbabies bathtub paint and they LOVED it.  They were in the shower for about 45 minutes screaming and laughing.  So sweet!  (It was Avon Naturals)

And, one of my mom's best friends from when we lived in the Dallas area (she's from Forney to be exact) came to visit.  The kids LOVED Dana and we miss her already!

We went to church on Sunday and had lunch at my mom's

Then, my mom and step dad came over for the Super Bowl and we had yummy stuffed bell pepper.  Jonathan is such a good cook!  I didn't have anything that was football related for G to wear so we stuck to Valentine's day apparel.  Just a sweet little play dress...screams Super Bowl huh?  haha!

I hope everyone had as great of a weekend as we did!

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Rachel and John said...

We had stuffed bell peppers this weekend too! Yum!

Love all your valentines stuff! You are so organized!

Melanie said...

LOVE the last pic of you and Georgia!! I'd have that framed!! That messenger bag is too cute!

Lyndsey said...

Love the pictures of you and G and her sweet little heart dress :)

Megan C said...

Love the craft... pinning now. And such good photos of y'all adorable!

Mallorie said...

Okay so I've been a super comment slacker lately. I read this post but never commented. OOPS! Love, beautiful pictures & adorable baby girl :-)


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