Wednesday Lovin'

March 20, 2013

My TOP 10 favorite things this Wednesday!
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1.  Family Time
-celebrating my brother's birthday with family-
(He's single, 29, and lives in Ft. Worth.  Oh, and has a good job and is a good dancer!)

2.  This girl
-her hair is perfection these days-

3.  Time with friends
-waffle bar set up by Jonathan to have breakfast for dinner-

4.  Playing in the water
-Peach Creek at Lake Houston Wilderness Park-

5. More family time
-Jonathan's nephews and Georgia in Easter clothes-

6. Grandparents
-Georgia playing with her namesake.  Her great grandmother-

7. More rodeo time
-Visiting the rodeo with Jonathan's family-

8. Spring is coming
-Blooms coming out in our yard-

9. Helpful Georgia
-How she hangs laundry.  Notice the pile on the left-

10. Our House
-Sprucing up our house to get it SOLD!-

Phew...that was a long list!  Happy Wednesday everyone!
{This post was our Spring Break in a nutshell!}


Megan C said...

The pictures are soooo good! And sounds like such a fun waffle night, great idea!

Tami said...

The waffle bar is such a great idea! And yes, her hair is perfection! She couldn't be any cuter!!

Natalie said...

your "advertisement" for your brother cracked me up ;)

Kristal said...

Her hair is getting so long!!!!! Love it. The park you guys went to is so pretty. We are going to have to take our girls out there sometime.

Rachel and John said...

haha your poor brother! I love all the photos!

Elizabeth said...

Georgia gets cuter by the day. I love the waffle bar and I appreciate that you have peanut butter out for a topping. My husband thinks I'm crazy that I put that on a waffle!

Kim Saveley said...

Love your pictures!!! Have a great Week!!!

Melanie said...

Those boys with the fedoras on were so cute!!! Love G's dresses..that girl has a killer smile!!!


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