Busy Weekend

April 8, 2013

Friday began quite eventful.  Georgia and I have been battling our allergies for MONTHS now.  I had a fever last week but I can take decongestants and cough medicine.  Poor Georgia, she can't.  So, her drainage finally got the best of her.  I went to work on Friday I ended up getting a text from my MIL telling me Georgia was just crying an crying, running a fever, and not letting my MIL take her temperature.  I left work kind of frantic (they luckily were able to cover my classes), got an appointment, and it turns out her congestion from her allergies was turning into an ear infection.  I feel bad that she has to battle seasonal allergies her entire life :/  She's a rock star though.  The past two stomach viruses J and I've had she has managed to NOT get.  How is that even possible?!

Funny story:  on the way to the dr. I look down at my feet and realize I had my HOUSE SHOES on!!!  Such a mom thing to do!  Luckily Pretty Little Things was on the way. (A cute little boutique in Kingwood owned by Nikole.  Thanks for helping me find shoes so quickly and not laughing in my face!)  I found these cute shoes and love them!

Friday wasn't all bad though, my friends came in from out of town to hang out all weekend!

My friends (Jaclyn, Ashley, and Megan) and I headed off to St. Arnold's Brewery while Jonathan stayed home to watch the baby (Who was pretty much fine after her little episode with her MeMe.  Just a bit more dramatic than normal.)  We had a great time at the brewery even though two of us didn't like beer and one is pregnant.

Then we went to a yummy restaurant called Just Mac!  Yeah, most of what they serve is Mac and Cheese.  It's like heaven!  Mine was delicious!!!  I mean, looking at the menu you couldn't go wrong.  I already want to go back!

Afterwards we did a little shopping, went home to pick up G and J, then went to do some more shopping and have dinner.

Everyone eventually had to go home and Georgia was just so upset.  She was heartbroken!  We skipped church since Georgia's had a sporadic-ish fever.  She had it on Friday and then it didn't come back again until late Saturday night but by Sunday it was fully gone.

After we all napped that afternoon we headed to Jonathan's parents house for dinner.  I also snuck in a mini photoshoot.  I'm attempting to take her 2 year photos myself so I'm just doing them little by little over the weekend when we have the time.  She'll be TWO next month people!  Jonathan snapped this one pretty quickly.

My mother in law also snuck Georgia into one of her aunt Christi's outfits for a bit.  I have to admit...she looks pretty cute although getting the dress off was a bit of a challenge since the arms were super tight!  She also took us next door to see her neighbor's rabbits that they are raising for FFA.  Georgia loved them.

Hope everyone else had a super fun, crazy, busy weekend too!

(Sorry for any typos.  I wrote this super fast and am running on fumes.  Don't judge me.)


Tami said...

The shoe thing is just too funny and totally something I would do. At least it was an excuse to buy cute new shoes! I'm sorry to hear that G has been down and out! Allergies are the worst!

Lyndsey said...

How in all the times I've been to Houston have I not been to Just Mac?!?! That's right up my alley!

Megan C said...

Had so much fun this weekend! I love that picture of you and G!!

Samantha said...

I have the worst seasonal allergies (like spending two straight months on Benadryl bad) and I started using local honey in my tea and greek yogurt and it's made a world of difference. I'm going to start trying to get my twin boys to eat it too since, like Georgia, they have some seasonal allergies. It might be something worth trying. Hope you don't mind the unsolicited advice. :)

Francis said...

That blue vintage dress! I love it!

Melanie said...

Poor G! Glad she got better!! LOVE the shoes you picked up and yay for a girls night!!! That mac and cheese place sounds awesome!

Megan said...

Cute shoes!!

Just Mac is just down the street from where we lived in Houston. Gosh, that makes me homesick! I LOVE that part of town!

Nikole E! said...

too funny, glad you like the shoes!

I HAVE to try Just Mac!


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