Georgia - 23 Months

April 17, 2013

Motor skills:
walk backwards
walk sideways
loves to run and dance
swinging on bars
so many new gymnastics skills

Potty training is going much better these days!  You actually say "yes" when I ask you if you need to go potty and a few times a week you'll say, "momma!  tee tee potty!"  Also, you can get on and off your potty seat all on your own, wipe, and flush.  We're getting there.  Also, you hold it A LOT and for a long time when we run errands.  Most of the time I come home to a dry Pull-Up.

-You can count from 1-10 (always skipping three) and can occasionally go all the way up to 13 or 14-
-You know your entire alphabet now and know what some words start with.  For example you'll say, "G!  Georgia.  Z! Zoe.  M! MeMe"-
-Colors are old news for you so we're starting others like gold and turquoise.-
-Shapes are old news too.  You know square, rectangle, circle, oval, triangle, diamond, octagon, heart, and crescent moon.
-We started states because you have a place mat with the states on it and I thought, "why not?"  So, now you can point to and (try to) say Washington, California, Hawaii, Alaska, Texas, Florida, Maine, and the compass.-

Things Georgia says and does that I don't want to forget!

Love you Momma 3.20.13 (and the next day she walked up to me, hugged me, leaned back and looked at me and just kissed me right on the lips for a few seconds.  It was the most precious thing.)
I don't want to
Momma, what is that?
Sit, good boy, no PERRY!
Careful Georgia, careful
Good job Georgia
I'm holding it!
Momma, hold you! - Daddy, hold you!
No!  More church!
You repeat EVERYTHING we say and now are picking up on expressions we say all the time like, "oh no", "oh my goodness", and "perfect".
(Going through a BIG naked phase right now.  So glad you like sleeping in footies that you don't know how to get out of or else I would have huge messes on my hands!  If you just have on panties there is a good chance you'll go streaking!)

smart.  So SO smart!
sometimes opinionated and strong willed (coming out more)
funny and clever
starting to be more and more imaginative/creative
(making your dolls dance, hold hands, "walk on the beach", kiss, hug, high five)

Your routine:
It's the same old same old.  Still sleeping 7:30 - 7:30 and napping from 12:30 - 2:30  (To future Emily, if you want to know her schedule look at her previous posts.  It's the same.)

I love you so much sweet P.  You are my entire heart!


Megan C said...

She will be two next month! Crazy! She is just precious, love these pictures!

Lyndsey said...

Her month picture is too cute! I can't wait to see what you do for her birthday party! :)

Natalie said...

SUCH a smart girl!!!
The 'careful, Georgia, careful' cracked me up. I can see Callyn picking up on that one because she hears it a lot from me! Little daredevils ;)

Tami said...

I think it's so funny when they start copying phrase/expressions they hear all the time. We say "easy" when we are telling Emerson to be careful, especially on the stairs. So now when we are going down she says, "Easy, momma. Easy." I hope we can get these two girls together one day because they sound a lot alike!

Callie Nicole said...

She so cute! I love it when they repeat things that you say - W does it and it's cute. :-)

Melanie said...

Love her outfit!!

Megan said...

You take great photos! What kind of camera do you have?


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