It's Been Crazy

April 22, 2013

Blogging has become so difficult for me lately.  Not thinking of things to write's just a matter of finding the time.  Plus, the past two days I haven't been feeling so well (feel good today) on top of our house showing all the time (a huge blessing but also tiring), and me not sleeping well at all the past week.  I'm so exhausted!  I'm behind on laundry, haven't balanced the check book, and I hear G over the monitor right now and am putting off going to get her just so I can finish this sentence!

Lord, please just sell our home!

Here's been what's going on at our house lately!
(I tried my best to keep this accurate but the days are starting to run together)

Hung out at home

yes.  this is the cutest swimsuit you have ever seen!  LOVE HER!
Showed our house

Hung out with my mom
Sent J and G to gymnastics

Showed our house again so went to get yogurt and the pet store

Cooked breakfast!  Go me!

Played outside
-already time for bug spray!-

Ran errands with my mom

Went to Incredible Pizza after work

Started reading this again!
-have to get ready for the movie!-

Out of the house so it can show

Goodwill shopping with my mom
-Melissa and Doug train and Little Tikes table-

Toe nail painting

Hung out with the girls

House showed twice so not home much!

Conroe for church

"Darbie" the Barbie gets a bath
-isn't he the best dad?-

Ok, I promise I have some more interesting posts coming.  Just had to get this out of the way.  I'm tired :(


Natalie said...

You are making me dread the day when we sell our house haha ;)

Mallorie said...

I have been the worst blogger lately. Loved this update. Praying your home sells soon!!!

Ashleigh said...

I hope the house sells soon sweet girl...

Allyson said...

I had to take a double look at your bug spray pic, I totally thought it was a pregnancy test!!!!


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