Our Easter

April 3, 2013

Finding her baskets.  It looks like we got her TOO much but it's ALL her Easter stuff from her grandparents, great grandparents, and us of course.  I had her play basket (which was actually a baby shower gift) set up outside her room and the eggs leading to her basket (that were filled with fruit snacks).

Georgia in all her bed head glory!

Of course we headed off to church and then had dinner at the Country Club.  It's nice not having to clean up a dinner!

yes, this dress makes me look pregnant but I am NOT!

Hunting eggs was a joke this year.  G chased cats, collected sticks, and picked flowers.  Clearly she is a nature girl!  Last year she did better and she wasn't even one!


Tami said...

Emerson wasn't really into the egg hunting all that much either! You are so funny about the the dress/looking pregnant! I honestly don't think you look pregnant but I'm always self-conscious about shirts/dresses that give that illusion, too!

Megan C said...

Cute idea of having her follow the eggs to her baskets, so cute!

mariel said...

those legos are too cute!
emma was the same exact way! she wasn't even walking last year and was more interested than this year. she was too preoccupied with her cowboy boots this year and kept passing up the eggs!

Melanie said...

Love her bed head hair!! Makayla wasnt into the egg hunting this year either..being outside trumps anything..anyday..period!!


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