Our LONG Weekend

April 1, 2013

Wednesday was my Friday because of Good Friday (I only work wed and fri) so I feel like it's an EXTRA long weekend for us.  Plus, Jonathan had off Friday too so it made it even nicer.


Wore a new dress to work.  Thanks Gap kids.

And, our house showed on Wednesday!  YAY!  Also, I had a $320 medical bill out of nowhere from my endocrinologist   I get huge bills from them all the time (blahblahblah!) but luckily this one was WRONG!  YES!  Turns out it was only $29...yeah, only 300 off.  No biggie.  So, with the house show and the medical bill being wrong our weekend got off to a good start!


This day was a bit slower and just me and G since Jonathan had to work.  We took a good nap as always.

Sported new sunglasses at the park and waited for Jonathan to come home to have a quick dinner.

Then, we went with Jonathan to a baseball game and Georgia had the time of her life.


We hung out with my mom and step dad so we could go to a Passion Experience at Second Baptist Houston.  Afterwards we went to Pei Wei and found some awesome blue bonnets to take Georgia's picture.  I love how they turned out.  It's a Texas thing...

I snapped a few pictures of the Passion Experience.  It was really interesting.  They had different stations with readings that you went through...I wish I could have gone through it without Georgia.


We went to our church egg hunt and Georgia had a ball not picking up eggs.  She preferred  flowers and sticks...of course!  Oh, and yet again, she LOVED the Easter bunny.

When Georgia got up from her nap we went to The Woodlands for their concert on the waterway and to let G splash and play!

We went to church and then to the country club, same as last year, and back to my brother's house to hunt eggs (all after sleeping HORRIBLE the night before and woke up sick with allergy issues!)

My dress was like a long flowy tunic type of dress so no, I am not 20 weeks pregnant...my dress was just hanging off my body :/  Oh, and Georgia REALLY likes self timer pics...can you tell?

Hope everyone loved their weekend!


Marissa and Seth said...

Looks like ya'll had a good weekend; great pictures!

Tami said...

The bluebonnet pictures are the best!! I've yet to get E in the bluebonnets!! :( It looks like you guys had a fun, family weekend!

Kelsey said...

Love the bluebonnet pictures! We don't have anything like that here maybe just cotton fields.

Kristin said...

The last picture of Georgia in the field with the blue bonnets is just precious!!!

stephanie said...

I really enjoyed being able to fit into the girl's section of clothing, so much cheaper. All of your outfits are so cute.

Melanie said...

Love love love the pics of G in the middle of the blue flowers..how awesome!!! Your so lucky to have that great Texas weather!!

Lyndsey said...

Great bluebonnet pics! I'm not sure if we're going to attempt those again this year since last year went SO well, ha!

Megan C said...

Love y'all's family pictures! So cute! Glad y'all had such a great weekend!!


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