Picture Dump Catch Up!

June 6, 2013

TONS of pictures.  We didn't have internet for almost 2 weeks!

Loves milk

And, Popsicles!

 Playing momma and doing school time

Picnics and TV in bed

 Rapunzel hair and G sleeps in the closet.

Georgia likes to hold hands and naked hammock time

 Sunsets and dress up

Yogurt and the park

Hidden notes and stickers

Memorial day and my last day at work

More dress up.  Always.

Gymnastics wear

Hanging in the hammock

Summer TIME!

Definition of "Hot Mess"

Girl talk at the ball park

Being friendly and pool time

Shaving cream fun

More pool time

Before we left the house she told me she "needed" Teddy, Blankie, Puppy, and Kit.  Geeez...

Phew, I think that catches us up :)


Megan C said...

Love this life update! Miss you guys!

Lyndsey said...

Girlfriend has so many swimsuits! And I'm loving her purple shoes in the last pic!

cait said...

loved the update! the hammock pic with G and Mommy is beautiful!

Mallorie said...

Love this post! I wish she and EC could have play dates. I feel like they would keep us laughing the entire time! :-)


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