Girl's Trip

July 24, 2013

A while ago I was able to hang out with my best girl friends.  Megan and I road tripped up to Dallas to be with Jaclyn and Ashley.  I tried to be good and to take more pictures than I normally do.

These girls are just so special to me.  We talk about everything, I mean EVERYTHING, under the sun and it's just so nice to be around people and just relax and be yourself.  

Meg and I left Conroe early and Jac and Ash were able to get off of work early so we were able to spend most of our day in Dallas with the girls.  Went out to dinner that night too.

I made cupcakes for our trip!
Picked up the largest brownie ever for the road!
Made everyone some fun gifts!
Shopped all day
"Fancy" Dinner

Had to have ice cream because it was SO hot!
Pre dinner wine in a cup.  Classy.
Pretty girls all dressed up.
This picture took forever to take because the driver was being crazy and kept slamming on her brakes!
Megan and I, the Conroe ones.
On the road again

Group selfie in the car before we left.
I'm always so sad to leave them.  I don't really wish I was in college again but I do wish the Dallas girls lived closer!

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Danavee said...

I've got a girl's trip coming up next week! You've got me excited! FUN!


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