Our Fourth!

July 11, 2013

On the Fourth of July we headed to Jonathan's parent's house to hang out with family and a few of his parent's friends.

G started the day with waffles and I made Bald Eagle cookies for the get together!

Caleb wasn't mad in this picture.  He was being a "warrior".  Boys :) 

Posing for her MeMe :)

Ok mom, I'll smile for just ONE...

now, let's RUUUUUUUN!

Zakary was so sweet and played Ring-a-round the Rosie with Georgia.

Georgia warmed up to the "pop rocks" fireworks...don't think they're called that but was totally anti sparklers!  And, she is in her panties because her MeMe got her new ones but I already put her older ones on her with her shorts over them.  She wanted to wear the new ones so she peed in her older ones and shorts and then walked up to Jonathan's mom and said, "MeMe.  I need new panties.  Teeteed in these."  Yeah, manipulative!

After a few minutes she warmed up the the fireworks that go up a few hundred feet.  Jonathan's old neighbor works the VFW fireworks stand and brought a ton over.  Georgia was getting used to them and saying, "oooo, GOLD!  Princess castle.  Sparkle!"  Then, I noticed after Jonathan started the next box that a few had fired off on the ground towards the neighbor's house and thought that was odd.  Just after I noticed that several shot through all the kids and adults sitting and laying on the driveway and then they shot all the way up the driveway  hitting me, my sister in law who is due with her 3rd in October, and my mother in law.  My sister in law was holding G and pregnant and couldn't really get up and run away...like I did.  So, her hair got burned on the top and Georgia had several VERY SMALL burns on her chest, arms, and legs.  Needless to  say Georgia was DONE!  She had her face buried in my SIL's chest and was just beside herself hysterical...totally warranted since she was just attacked by fireworks.  Poor baby.

Despite all that we had a good time!

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Tami said...

Isn't it crazy how they already know how to manipulate us to get what they want!?! I'm so sorry about the firework incident. I can see why Georgia didn't want to see any more after that!


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