Friday FIVE

September 20, 2013

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1.  I'm loving all my favorite photo apps lately.  Of course I use instagram but I also use BeautifulMess, VSCOcam, Afterlight, Squaready, BokehPic, and PhotoGrid.  I use Afterlight the most and BeautifulMess the most for writing.

(She is mid yawn here.  Told me she was tired.  And she dressed herself.)

2.  I'm totally in love with Georgia's silly personality.  (See pic above.)  She does funny little things and has little snipetts of adult moments.  She's a riot.

3.  Most know that I live in my mom's house because we sold ours quickly and didn't have one to move into.  Well, my mom and step dad don't live here, but they own the house and have a lot of stuff here.  Anyhow, fall is approaching and I usually wait until October 1st to decorate but I just needed a change.  With no house prospects in sight I just needed to do something homey.  I found some of my mom's random decor and whipped up some simple fall looks.  I told myself I was not allowed to buy home decor or holiday decor until we actually have a house.  Just working with what I my mom got has.

4. ANOTHER app that I just LOVE love LOVE is the Nike Training Club app.  First of all, IT'S FREE but it's huge so you have to connect to wifi to download it.  It has so many workouts to pick from.  It tells you how many calories you burn, walks you through the entire thing, times it for you, sets it to music if you wish, and has how to videos.  Seriously, you have to download it.  The Nike workouts are the only workouts my husband and I do now.  It's awesome!

5.  Last, not only are we less than a month away from our Boston trip (YAY!) we are now going to L.A. in March.  I'm so super excited!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

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Tami said...

I'm going to have to check out the Nike training app. I love free workouts! What are you guys coming to LA for? You'll only be 2 hours from me! You should make a pit stop in San Diego! :)


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