Mid Week Randoms

October 2, 2013

1.  Jonathan is the best.  He's a chair for Georgia.  Takes selfies with me in the car.  And, is super involved at our church and loves my entire family.

2.  Georgia's been up to a whole lot.  Cuddling with several blankets, riding four wheelers, and begging to have her toe nails painted like me!

3.  I dressed for fall again.  And, by fall I mean Texas Fall soooo I put on a cardigan and called it a day.

4.  The highs these days are in the high 80's which means park visits after dinner are ever so slightly more pleasant than the past few weeks.

5.  I've had issues with my blogger dashboard and my BlogLovin' site as well.  I follow ALL my blogs through both sites and check both sites daily because both accounts show different updates at different times.  AND both accounts seem to not show some blogs I follow at all.  If that makes any sense.  Now, I've started following my own blog to see when my updates show and if they go up at the correct time.  So, if you've been having issues you should use both.  Oh, and some of my blogs didn't transfer to Bloglovin' like they were supposed to.  I had to manually search them and add them in.  #firstworldproblems  I have both ways to follow over on my right hand side bar.

6.  Are you on Influenster?  I recieved my first VoxBox a few weeks ago.  (I have the Influenster badge on my sidebar if you would like to join).  I recieved Sargento Cheese coupons which is great because it's our favorite kind of cheese.  I know that's strange to say but it really is.  It's all we buy.  My nephews were over once and they gobbled up all our Sargento Cheese and my sister in law went straight to the store to buy some for her boys too!

Happy Wednesday Everyone :)


Lyndsey said...

Ive noticed my blogger not showing updated posts on time either! Sometimes they"re nearly a day late - so annoying! And I've never heard of Influenster before but I love coupons so I'll check it out :)

Tami said...

I've noticed the same thing with blogs not updating! Sometimes I just go to my own blog and click to my favorite on my sidebar but it seems like some of them aren't even updating there!

Natalie said...

For a couple of years when I would post it would take hours ,sometimes more than a day to show up in the dashboard. Just a few months ago it started getting normal again. I've noticed it with other blogs I follow too...who knows why, but annoying nonetheless!

Megan said...

I had problems with Bloglovin', too- it was driving me crazy. So I finally switched over to Feedly. It took me a few days to get used to it- it IS pretty different, but now I love it way more than Bloglovin'!


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