Georgia 2.5

November 20, 2013

This big girl of mine is two and a half years old (on 11.17)!  I meant to do a post at 3 months past but the time got away from me but at least I made the half way point!

Georgia you are so smart and getting so big.  I love every little bit of you (not the tantrum parts, but they're few and usually fake.).  You are such an amazing little girl and I love that you make your dad and I into the perfect little family.

You are still 30lbs and about 38 inches tall.  You're getting so skinny.  But, you love to eat and are still not a picky eater. 

Here are some funny/cute things you've said lately:
My toes like that (being covered in a blanket)
Watch out!
Hello!  Who's there?!
My lunch box is heavy.  That's ok.  My momma hold it.
I drew rattlesnakes with their brothers and sisters
My sleep shoes is dry (her footie pajamas were dry)
I eat boogers
That says mom (she reads!)
oh.  me.  gosh.
I get married and get a ring.  I go live at a little boys house.
Look!  I did sand castle poo poos (???)
Nana!  Be patient!
No, I'm not ugly.  I sweet like apple sauce. (Seriously?!)
I can't reach that.  I need a Mousekatool.  Oh toodles!
Momma.  Listen.  I need to tell you something.
You're my best friend.
I love you too
You're the best
Oh.  Me.  Gosh.  It's not working (looking at her belly button after she heard her tummy growl)
Oh!  It's soooo tozy (cozy).
That will be so fabulous.
Shhhh!  No nana.  We are not talking. (attitude!)

Other Things You are Up to:
You sing songs all the time (real and made up)
Love to dress up
Hide from gorillas (?)
Love to cuddle in bed
Playing with your dolls
Nearly all the way potty trained.  (Most of her naps she is dry but not night time at all.  Doesn't bother me though.)
90% of the way to being toddler bed trained
Loving your ballet class
Pushing every single limit and boundary that is set for you.  Super fun.

You've seemed to hit your "terrible twos" all in one week here at your 2.5 mark but we're trying to stay calm and patient with you knowing that your hitting huge milestones all the time.  Your brain is so much bigger than your body so we know that can be a bit frustrating.  We love you SO much Georgia.


Tami said...

Emerson and Georgia sound SO much alike- right down to their height and weight and their funny little sayings. We also have a boundary pusher and it is definitely a test in patience for me! These girls sure do keep us on our toes, don't they?!

Emily said...

She is just precious. Sweet like applesauce you might even say! ;) Too cute!

Pamela said...

Such a beauty!

Natalie said...

The 'shhh, no nana' thing cracked me up. Callyn is so bossy like that! She'll point at me (she points w/ her middle finger which makes it even better...) and say 'MOMMY. You stay right there.' So strict ;)

Lyndsey said...

Liam is almost the exact height and weight! And he looks like a skeletor too lol. That's so funny that G hides from gorillas bc Liam hides from alligators alllll the time! I'm pretty sure they would be hilarious to watch now that they are old enough to really interact!

Kristin said...

Love the pictures and the list of her sayings :-) How do you keep track of it all?! She is an absolute doll and your photography is great!


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