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November 4, 2013

{I'm semi back.  As in, I have a lot of scheduled posts so my blog book isn't just lacking all of our fall but I'm still not reading a lot of blogs, on instagram much, or on facebook.  Enjoying my time away}

Here is what we were up to in the month of October

How she likes to watch TV.  On my leg.

Working on insurance billing stuff for my brother's office // Another way she likes to watch TV

Her second donut ever.  She loved it.

Picking Meme's flowers.

Dining outside in the lovely weather.  We had chocolate chip pumpkin spice pancakes.

 Looking like an adult post nap on the ipad.

Playing in the grass and painting

Battling serious allergy issues.  At least the mug is pretty, the tea is yummy, and the book is good.

Taking this one to get frozen yogurt is always interesting.

She picked her outfit out this day.  I was too hopped up on allergy meds to have the energy to care.

Bucket head!  Silly girl!

Mommy daughter museum day

This happened twice :(

Silly sleeper

Dates with Ethan

Daddy Daughter day at school!  LOVE this picture!

Yogurt before we left to go to Boston

Bath tub glow sticks!

One.  Two.  Three.  JUMP!


Tami said...

Georgia looks like she's grown while you've been away!! I'm glad you are enjoying your break. It's definitely refreshing to get away from it all and it leaves time to get so many other things done!

Brittney Galloway said...

Look at how much thicker her hair looks! So cute! And I miss hearing your writing!

Lyndsey said...

Y'all have been busy! Liam lays across the arm of the chair to watch tv too, lol. I"m loving her hot air balloon top, by the way!

Melanie said...

She's grown a ton!! Seriously..bath tub glow sticks..what a great idea!


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