Easy Toddler Christmas Class Gift (Free Printables)

December 12, 2013

 I put together a quick easy gift for Georgia's classmates.  There are six boys and six girls in her class.  I got Georgia the girl gift as well so she wouldn't be dissapointed at the class Christmas party :)  The small buckets are from the Target Dollar Spot and the tape and tissue paper were from Target as well.  

The girls got 5$ necklaces from Carter's and the boys got two 1$ match box cars.

I made two printables to go along with them and just taped them to the little buckets.  I made a dinosaur printable first but couldn't find any cute dino toys so I switched to cars.  But, I put all the printables here for you to use if you like :)


Elizabeth said...

Cute! Saving this for when my little girl goes to school.

Callie Nicole said...

These are adorable!

Allyssa said...

Super cute! I love these printables. :)

Lauren said...

So I guess I need to do Christmas gifts for the class...thanks Emily, haha!!

Megan C said...

Great ideas!


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