Jonathan's Gift Guide

December 20, 2013

Jonathan!  Stop reading this NOW!


Jonathan's BIG gift is actually small.  It's a knife.  He's kind of a pocket knife collector and these little things aren't cheap.  Then, I got him two CDs, a flag, a tshirt (Georgia has the matching one!), and comfy pj pants.  I think he got me A LOT more gifts than I got him BUT our offer was accepted on a house before he bought my gifts and after I bought his.  So, we agreed to spend a little less because of that. (And the fact that he's bought himself 3 new guns in the past 6 months.)

For his stocking I got him coffee (Georgia picked it), toe warmers, flip flops (clearance at old navy), boxers (clearance at old navy), socks (Georgia picked out), some gum, and an ipad cover.

I know he's going to love all his gifts!


Elizabeth said...

Glad to know my husband isn't the only one obsessed with guns. That's his big present this year. When do you get to move into your new house?

ShaunB said...

I love Kacey Musgraves music! Good Choice.


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