Our Valentine's Day Celebration

February 20, 2014

Our favorite thing to do for Valentine's Day is to go to the current exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.  We've gone several times and just love it.

2007 - Juniors in college

2008 (so we had to go a bit after Valentines but close enough) Senior year of college.

2009 There wasn't anything we wanted to see the first year we were married.

2010 - Our second year of marriage

2011 We waited to go until closer to my due date since I really wanted to go to the museum one more time before G was born but my feet could only take so many trips.  I was 38 weeks here...maybe more.  My legs were so swollen.

2012 We skipped because of Georgia.  Didn't want to take her and didn't have a babysitter.  We went out to family dinner instead :)

2013 We didn't go either (celebrated at home with the little one) so this year I was bound and determined to go and pick back on our tradition.  We didn't stop going to the museum we had just stopped going on Valentine's day.

So now, in 2014 here we are.  At the museum.  YAY!  Since we babysat my niece last minute the other day my sister in law was insisting she babysit at some point.  We took her up on it for Sunday afternoon.  We went to the exhibit and then to dinner at The Raven Grill.  It was so good.  And, my brother and sister in law sent us half a dozen pictures or so while we were gone so that's always nice.

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