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March 24, 2014

I've been doing photoshoots.  You can see more here.

I've also been doing some design stuff.  Buy yours HERE.  Or just add me to your etsy favorites for future reference. (I do custom designs as well)  Please and thank you.

My sweet girl is going through that stage where if you ask her to smile she can't remember how.  Or sometimes she just won't...that's not new.  But then when you snap a random pic on the potty she's grinning ear to ear.  Silly girl.

She had rodeo roundup day at school.  Again, couldn't remember how to smile.  Although her sweet little friend did :)

I've become her favorite place to hang out.  Much to my discomfort ;)

She's been doing well with night time training.  SEVERAL months ago she started staying dry and I just ignored it thinking it was a fluke.  Well after about two weeks of staying dry she started wetting while "sleeping" again. (She was actually doing it before/after she was asleep)  So, I changed how often I take her potty during the day and gave her less to drink.  She still didn't stay dry.  So, I started a rewards system and sure enough she started to stay dry.  Mom fail.  So, she was ready to be sleep trained but just was peeing on purpose because I never acknowledged her staying dry as a good thing.  And she doesn't care AT ALL if she's wet.  She's nap time and day time trained 100% now but bed time is still touch and go.  She sleeps 12 hours straight or more.  So, she potties at about 7:20, is in bed at 7:30, I get her up at 10:30 or 11 and make her go and then its 50/50 whether or not she'll be dry in the morning.  Girl is just a hard sleeper and if it's night time and she pees she just doesn't wake up.

Showing off her rewards chart and new Palace Pet (her pick for staying dry.)

Normal Georgia play.  Two years later this is still one of her favorite toys!

We celebrated my brother's birthday.  He let G blow out the candles.  She did so well!

And, we've had good mail days.  Five new pairs of shoes in the past week and a new Bible and Devotional.  All for G but still fun.  The Bible and Devotional are for her Easter basket so we haven't started them yet.

And, we think we've come up with a house option.  It's not 100% yet but we think we'll be ready to share details soon.

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Melanie said...

LOVE the multi colored chevron shoes..the style looks similar to some I bought Makayla (only hers are silver and black)..where did you get them?


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