And Then She Was THREE

May 17, 2014

Oh my sweet girl!  Happy third birthday, Georgia Peach!

Georgia Emiline Powell, you are kind, energetic, polite, funny, talkative, smart, and loving.  You are also strong willed and independent and take advantage of each day to show us.

People comment the most about your eye color, your hair, and your sweet little voice.  I get asked all the time if you're 4.  You're a tall girl and speak clearly so people assume you're older.

You love going to school, dance, sunday school, and MOPS.  You prefer to stay busy.  You like to explore around town and go on "adventures".  You also love to find new photoshoot locations and say, "look, take my picture here momma!"

You are still napping at 12:30 for two to three hours unless you're at school.  Then, you don't nap at all.  You sleep from 7:30-7:30.  You eat like a champ.  You tell people all the time that your favorite foods are salad and french beans.  Not sure why you call green beans french beans.  You love balsamic vinaigrette but enjoy dipping almost all your foods in any and all types of dip.  You will almost always make a "happy plate" for dessert.

You are learning letter sounds, beginning to write your letters, you know four Bible verses, you can name most of your lower case letters, count past 20, recognize Z sounds and X sounds in words the most.  Like, "Zoe is like FroZEN" and, "This is an X like Rex!" (Zoe and Rex are some of her friends)

Funny Thing's You've Said
"Shoot" - what you says when you are being Elsa and freezing people
"You stinker" - From your cousins
"Naked chicken twirls around in her dress and shoots her momma with her bow and arrow"
"God's got the whole hand in his world?"
"Thank you for your you're welcome Momma"
"Thank you for saying please momma.  That's so nice.  That makes God happy."
"Your legs are itchy.  You need to get them cut."
"It's a true story"
"Tomorrows another day momma"
"I could swing forever"
"I love you so very much"
"It's a dream come true"
"These flowers are so very tasty"
"You are so lovely momma."
"I love your pony tail today!"
"I'll go poopoo.  You leave and go get the iSpy book ready. (While pointing at Jonathan)"
"I will dump the sand out and put in dirt.  I'll plant a seed in the dirt and a flower will grow.  It will grow tall and knock down the dominoes" (It's a long story!)

You are 100% potty trained and have been for a few months now.  You were clearly ready for night time and nap time training way before I was.  You took to it the first day.  Duh, mom!  (And then this week you've seemed to have fallen off the wagon just at night and naps. We're all frustrated about it!)

You are around 30 lbs and 38.5 inches tall.  That is 75.8 percentile for height which is the shortest you've been since birth.  And, 42nd for weight.  You're just perfect to us :)

Happy birthday sweet girl!  Watching you learn and grow has been such a gift.  I can't wait to see the little lady you grow into!  Your dad and I love you so much.


Lauren said...

Happy Birthday sweet Georgia!!! I am so happy you and Zoe are such good friends and that your mommy & daddy are such good friends of ours! I have loved watching you grow up the past 3 years. You make me laugh every time I am around you. Love you little Peach!

Megan C said...

Cannot believe she is three!!! Love reading all her funny sayings... Got to hear the domino story. Also, love that you take pictures each year with her birthday crown, such a great idea!

Lyndsey said...

Happy 3rd birthday Georgia! Time is just flying by! I hope y'all had the best day celebrating!!

Megan said...

Hope you guys had a great weekend celebrating!

Kristin said...

Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

Melanie said...

Happy birthday Georgia!!

Ashleigh said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl...


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