May 2, 2014

It's MAY y'all!  My baby will be THREE this month.  Whoa!

I am...Emily.  A wife and stay at home mom. Photographer on the side.

I want...to not have so much sinus congestion.  My allergies are so bad right now.

I have...a tummy full of candy.  It's a serious weakness.

I wish...I had more self control.  See: above

I hate...dirty floors. Bugs in my house. Tantrums. Not being on time. Not getting my way. A dirty kitchen.

I fear...the unknown.  Almost always.  I'm a planner ;)

I hear...Bon Iver.  Skinny Love.  Or, Friday Night Lights.  Love both and can't get enough.

I search...on HAR (real estate site) all day.  Everyday.  There are currently ZERO homes that meet my criteria.  Picky?  Maybe...

I wonder...what my life will look like at this exact moment next year.

I regret...the way I reacted to Georgia's tantrum this morning.  We probably looked just about the same.

I love...Jonathan and my sweet Georgia Peach. My family and friends. Photography. Old homes. History.

I ache...in my thighs.  Running. I'm so bad at it.

I always...take the first shower at our house.  I really don't like showering after Jonathan...I feel like I'm not going to have enough hot water.  I'm just selfish.

I usually...have a dirty dining table.  It's gross.  I know.  I promise I'm a clean person.

I am not...tan.  I'm very pale and I like it that way.

I dance...at wedding where other people are drinking a lot.

I sing..."How great thou art" sung by Carrie Underwood and "blessed assurance" sung by Alan Jackson from my spotify playlist.  Those aren't even close to any of my favorite artists but they really do those hymns justice.  Go listen.  Now.

I never...want to balance the check book.  I avoid it like the plague.  I rather pick up dog poop in the backyard.  Unfortunately both tasks I do weekly if not daily.

I sometimes...help Jonathan cook dinner.  But who are we kidding...that doesn't happen often.

I cry...only when I'm alone and usually in the car.  (that's typically how it goes at least)

I am not always...kind.  I say and do things a lot of the time that I instantly regret.

I lose...my phone. Every single day.  "Find my phone" is on my desktop.  Its bad y'all.

I am confused...why is there no house we want to buy?  Come on...

I need...a good lunch.

I should...get some actual work done today.  Seriously.

This took me two weeks to fill out.  FYI.


Tami said...

I love this! It's amazing how much you can learn about someone by this simple little survey. Hope you don't mind if I steal it! :) And I hear you on the tantrum reaction. I have not been the most patient with Emerson lately and I always regret it. After she goest o bed I sit there and replay the day and think of all of the ways I could have handled things differently. Sometimes being a momma is so hard!

Erin said...

Candid and honest, love it! I can't believe Georgia will be 3...I've been following you since she was just a baby!! Time sure does fly.


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