Happy Birthday Jonathan

August 22, 2014

Happy 29th Birthday Jonathan

Georgia and I love you so much!
...and how hardworking you are
...and your one dimple.

Actually, his birthday was yesterday BUT I wanted to be able to write about what we did to celebrate so here we are.

Georgia was DEAD SET that we were getting her daddy some pocket knives for his birthday.  I'm sure a little birdie planted a few messages in her ears ;)  So, we picked three out and she was very proud of herself.  Then we picked up a pie, because he's a pie guy, and I realized I NEVER bake for him on his birthday so I decided to keep that tradition alive (I think I usually don't because his mom bakes SO MUCH for him on his birthday).

I was going to cook dinner for him (even though is had been an exhausting day up until then) but one of the cats got sick and that turned into an ordeal so we ended up going out.  He was able to take off early since he's been getting home around 7 each night...and that's REALLY late for him.

All in all I'm pretty sure he had a great day.


Pamela said...

Oh how precious!

Emily said...

Happy birthday to your hubby! It was my hubby's birthday too, only he turned 35!


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