August 15, 2014

Sometimes, it's ok to not get out of bed until 9 am because your mother in law has your daughter for a few days.

It's also ok sometimes to cry when watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager because one of the characters lost her baby and that still makes you so SO sad that you just cry over a dumb show.

Sometimes, when you can hardly keep your eyes open you let your kid jump on your bed while you try to rest because you've taken too much allergy medicine.  And then, you just lay in bed and talk with your three year old instead of trying to teach her something.

Sometimes, a lot of times, home renovation is super overwhelming.  Which is a given but still hits you pretty hard.  But sometimes it can keep your mind off of other things.

Sometimes it ok that, when your child is away, and you and your husband vow to be super house productive to just end up watching way too much TV and going to bed way too late.

It's not ok to sometimes, or anytime, forget how blessed you really are.  Never ok.

It's really funny, when sometimes, your husband's alarm clock doesn't go off and you both wake up freaked out.  Him, because he missed his alarm and you, because you thought the man you could hear breathing may be a stranger...after all, isn't your husband already gone for work...

Sometimes, I really enjoy organization.  Ok, all the time.

Sometimes, no wait, all the time, it's better to have no plants at all in your flower beds than all dead plants.

Admit it, you don't like the beach sometimes huh?  Yeah, me neither.  I'm pale, allergic to most sunscreens, and don't like to get dirty or hot.

Sometimes I take too many pictures of this beautiful girl.  It's ok, it's my love language ;)


Kristin said...

Your girl is just so adorable!

stephanie said...

House projects take so much out of you and you as a couple. The pictures of progress you have posted look incredible though. And, isn't it amazing how much you can accomplish with out the "help" of a three year old.

Callie Nicole said...

Georgia is so cute! And I do admit, sometimes I am not a big fan of the beach either - for all the same reasons you listed!

kelly forbes said...

Love this post...glad that I am not the only one ; )


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