Our Kitchen Remodel Plan

January 7, 2015

Phase I
{Make it livable)
change the floors
paint the cabinets
new cabinet hardware
door into laundry
remove cabinets
add shelving
update lighting
convert appliances to gas
have new appliances installed

This phase was finished before we moved in.  It had to be done.  Remember, this is the kitchen we bought.  Dark wood.  Three layers of linoleum flooring...one containing asbestos.

And, here we are today.  A FAR cry from done but hopefully at some point we'll be able to kick off phase II this summer.  We are just so tired and burned out from Georgia's room.  Once all the loose ends in there are tied up we will hopefully feel energized towards the kitchen once more.

Phase II
{Get it to look finished}
Here are the options and finishes we will most likely be going with to get the look I want.  After this phase it will appear to be totally DONE.
back splash
finish cabinets
touch up cabinets
wood open shelving
new door
recessed lighting

sources: 1.Corian Witch Hazel 2.Ikea 3.Ikea 4.O.co 5.Here and Here 6.Here, Here, and Here 7.Here 8.Link Broken

Phase III
{Open it up a bit}
wall comes down
new hood
move microwave

Hood and Microwave inspiration from Here and Here.

Phase IV
{Add storage}
-This phase may actually come after phase II-
Butler's pantry
Stackable washer and dryer (concealed)

(In the picture of the left we are putting an ice maker in place of the microwave)

Inspiration from Here and Here.

Soooo, we will be busy for awhile.  When we're done it will be a dream.  Sigh.


Lyndsey said...

I loooove the walk in butler's pantry!!! And I've never heard of Corian witch hazel, but it's really pretty!

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

You guys have already gotten so much accomplished! I like your idea of taking it in phases. That seems more do-able. I think I would be too impatient for that though, but I'm sure trying to do it all at once would really end up taking longer and being way more of a mess in the end! I can't wait to see it all finished. I think once you take out the wall and add the glass door, it'll look like a totally different place!

Grady Schwartz said...

Everything seems to be going smoothly, guys. You both make a great team. The remodeling process of that kitchen will take a lot of effort, but I'm sure that everything will be worth it. Anyway, I love all the inspirations you posted, Emily! I can't wait to see how yours will turn out. All the best! :)

Grady Schwartz @ iDesign


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