School Program & Christmas Eve & Girl's Trip

January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

This is the post where I catch up before the New Year even though it IS the New Year.  Three valid, individual posts all rolled into one.  Plus some...

Georgia's last day of school was also her Christmas party and program.  She had a great time and looked fabulous doing it ;)

Christmas Eve is always spent with my mom and siblings.  We go to the Christmas Eve service and then go to my brother's house and eat dinner and open gifts.

Christmas day I don't actually have any pictures.  Just one long video of the entire morning.  That's what I normally do each year.  It's so much easier.  My siblings and my Dad came over to our house after our little family Christmas was over for more gifts and brunch.  Once they left we headed to Crosby to do Christmas with Jonathan's family.  Again, no pictures.  The kids were too busy and too crazy and I was enjoying them too much to take pictures.  So four Christmases in two days.  Oh what fun.

The day AFTER Christmas we had a friends celebration that included my brother's family and two other local families.  Nine kids total.  It was at our house and I think the last family left around 11pm.  We just ate a lot of sweets, the ladies drank wine, while the men consumed A LOT of whiskey.  Most people ate gumbo while I preferred a hot dog.  I actually have a lot of pictures of this night because Georgia got a camera for Christmas.  The pictures her and her friends/cousins took all night look like we had a drunken house party...I assure you, we did not.  Only one thing even got broken and it was by my brother.

 And, before any of these events my best friends from college and I went to Waco for the weekend to enjoy a girl's weekend.  We had a great time.  So fun being around people that you've known for so long.  So good for the heart.  I just love these ladies.

We had such a fun holiday season.  Two trips to the Rockettes.  A girl's trip.  A lot of time around friends and family.  A lot of shopping.  Entirely too much money spent.  It's been a fun 2014!


Melanie said...

Wow your hair is super looks fantastic! Love Georgia's dress!

Megan C said...

Love your Christmas Eve outfit, so cute!!!


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