How are My 2015 Goals Going?

February 25, 2015

On January 9th I posted my 2015 goals.  Here is an update on how they are coming along.

1.  Have a baby
Meh.  I told Jonathan I wanted to stop trying.  Literally, my words exactly.  Then I went home and did my MOPS lesson and it was, "The Courage to Try" and it was about getting out of your comfort zone.  Yeah, infertility is waaay out of my comfort zone.  So back to my original word on the topic.  Meh. 

2.  Finish the Old Testament
I'm making really good progress y'all!  I'm in Proverbs right now.  Really good stuff!

3.  Make forward progress on the house
It's coming along.  I put up a new light and there are little things here and there.  I know that will take off during spring break and the summer.

4.  Read one book a month.
Doing well on this front.  I have finished three books.  So, ahead of the game.
I've read
-Eleanor and Park-
-The Circle Maker-
-Six Tales of the Jazz Age and Other Stories-

So, a new book, a devotional type book, and a classic.

5.  Continue being physically active.
Now that it's getting warmer this is getting easier.  I go run when Jonathan gets home from work and he watches G while he cooks dinner.

6.  Find easy new healthy recipes.
I haven't tackled this yet but I'm drinking more water and snacking less.  We are also planning to do the Daniel Fast at the end of the month to up our prayer life so I know we will get a lof of new recipes then.

So, over all the goals are going really well.  At least the ones that are within my control.  And, the fact that the first goal is going the opposite of planned has caused my prayer life to flourish so, that's great right.  I am learning a lot and creating a new routine for myself.  Included in this new routine is a lot of prayer and way less social media.  I've even taken Instagram and Bloglovin' off of my phone for the time being.

I wake up at 7am every morning and read my Bible and literally get on my knees and pray.  I have three main things I pray for every day.  I repeat this routine during nap time and at night.  Jonathan and I will be doing the Daniel Fast to enhance this and show our dependence on God.  Hopefully when I do get pregnant and I look back when my youngest child is no longer a baby I can say that I have still hung onto this routine.  I want it to be something that sticks with me.

So, that is how 2015 is looking like for me.  How are y'all doing with your goals/resolutions?


Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

Sounds like you set some really manageable goals and that you are really even ahead on several of them! I love hearing about how yours and Jonathan's spiritual lives are really blooming right now! Praise God for that!

Megan C said...

I have heard a lot about the Daniel Fast, Paul has the book and would love to do the fast. Tell us how it goes!! I guess we won't be doing any pizza nights anytime soon haha!


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