Another One Down

March 23, 2015

Another weekend down as we inch our way closer to summer break.  Pleeeease get here soon!  We have some what gotten back into the routine post Spring Break but it was a hard week.

I had a few Etsy orders but I also made some free printables just because.  Here is the link so you can get to them and get instructions on how to download them.  Go HERE!

We have still had a lot of rain but it starting to get farther between down pours so we can enjoy the sun a bit more.  The bottom right are our onions and potatoes growing!  And, a little video of my G just for fun.

We've also added a few pets to our house this week.  Four chicks (Fireworks, Kimsley, Ella, and Lovie) and a bunny (Emma) in addition to our dog and cat.

Emma exploring her new home.

Georgia wore green for St. Patrick's Day...which at nearly 30 years old I just looked up why we celebrate it in the first place.  Never too old to learn something new.

We also had fun at the super crowded children's museum and Georgia hoarded all the play food.

What made this week HARD was that we did our Daniel Fast finally.  This is not a diet but fasting specifically for prayer purposes.  Going off of what Daniel ate in the Bible you can only eat fruits and veggies (nuts and beans too) and only drink water.  No sweeteners AT ALL!  I'm not the best eater so this was a real struggle for me.  Lots of meals that looked pretty but fell pretty flat with me and left me super unsatisfied.  We finished on Saturday night and ate burgers for lunch the next day!  We felt victorious.  I also took the time to add to my blessings jar that is in our master bedroom.

On Friday Georgia started soccer.  Hopefully she will come out of her sports shell a bit more...if not, ehh...

On Saturday Jonathan's faculty and staff played the Harlem Globetrotters (retired players) as a school fund raiser.  It was pretty darn funny.  I will say Jonathan was not in the game for long.  He did have the largest section of cheerleaders and adults alike ;)

And my Easter and Bluebonnet minis are this coming weekend.  I have a mere 17 booked.  Lord help me...this should be fun!

I hope everyone is loving their MONDAY!


Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

I love that Georgia named one of her chicks Fireworks lol!
C has been wanting to start soccer so bad, but I can't find anywhere around here that will start before age 4 :(

Megan C said...

Love that printable! Also, can't wait to see how G likes soccer, that is just too cute!


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