Fun Friday

April 3, 2015

Here are my favorite things from this week!
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1.  It's bluebonnet season here in Texas.
That time of year when we brave the tall weeds and grass and hope to see no stinging bugs or snakes and plant our kids in fields of the Texas state flower.

2.  Georgia's Easter attire
The dress (it has bunnies all over it) on the left was from Carter's last year on clearance and the purple dress was a Facebook purchase but I can't remember the shop name now.

Her shirt here is from Crazy 8 last year and her pants are Matilda Jane (bought from the Good Luck trunk)

3.  My dumpster diving paintings.
HERE is a link showing how I plan on transforming them into something that goes better with our home.  They were just too large and awesome to pass up.  You'll notice that I changed the clashing blue lamps to the more subtle ones that have been in our master.

Hopefully, they will look more like this very soon.

4.   We've always called our outdoor cat, Pearl, the snake killer because that's why we bought her.  To control the snakes we saw last summer (3 copper heads).  Well, now she's actually done it...pardon the pictre but Pearl killed her first snake...and even though it was a small garter snake I'm hoping she'll up her game!  And yes, she leaves her kills on the back porch for us.  So very nice of her.

5.  I edited 18 session is ONE week.  I'm so glad for wonderful steady business but I am also very glad to have those 18 checked off of my to do list!  Show here is my friend's little girl Cora, who is just THE cutest thing with our bunny, Emma.

Happy Easter Everyone!


Rondra Aaron said...

I just love the bluebonnets! One day I will make it to Texas to actually see them in person. 18 sessions in ONE week?! You rock! Thanks for sharing!

Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

Stopping by from the link up :) Your little girl is absolutely adorable!! I love all her cute outfits too! :) Fab photos -- sounds like you rock at editing too!! Wishing you and your family a beautiful Easter!!
xo - Brenda //

Chelsea said...

Love these pictures how cute ;) Nice finds!
Chelsea @


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