Phone Dump

February 3, 2016

YAY!  Let's just get these pictures on here so I can move on.  Still doing the new year clean up :/

So, Georgia is up to her usual shenanigans.

Yep, floor is more comfortable

 Salon hair cut and curl :)
 All her cousins have given her a new obsession
 Um...she's too cute at gymnastics

So we visited my old home town recently (I think I've lived there the longest out of all the other towns on my list) while I was visiting friends in Dallas.  So, my friends made me get out of the car and take a picture in front of my childhood home.  So fun to see where I learned to ride my bike and swim.  I could do without the tiny bench and cactus.  It is currently for sale :)
Me and my SIL are obsessed with Pretty Little Liars.  We had a watch party.

When we can't watch together we watch via text ;)

So, there's all that.  Happy Wednesday :)

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