Valentine's Day Cheer

February 17, 2016

I'm tried to add a little love to our house.  Lots of red and white.  And, lots of white flowers.

This is so cheesy and I just love it.
Her choice of Valentine's card.  Well, her theme...I made the cards.
Jonathan did super amazing this Valentine's Day and got me every single one of my wish list items (mini candles for the hall bath that fit perfectly in the tile cup holder, Bath and Body Works bubble bath to help you sleep, Target gift card, some succulents, candy...) and then some.  I got him a gift subscription.  We got Georgia too much stuff...a little bit of everything. #onlychildproblems
Love dressing her up for Valentine's day.  Especially when it's on a Sunday.
 Squeezed in a V Day craft
After church J and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant in The Woodlands (not TexMex) and it was yummy as always.  Then, we went and got yogurt and then hit up Trader Joe's for a few things.

It was an all around delightful season of love.

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