20 Weeks - Milam

April 5, 2016

Getting dressed is some what hard.  I feel like I just look thick.
Here is our Mr. Milam at 19 weeks.  The doctor said, "he looks perfect" so we are thrilled about that.  His heart has been 165-172.  This appointment it was 153 if I remember correctly.
And, for comparison's sake.  A Milam and Georgia side by side.  Her picture looks better because I scanned it in.  Milam's, I just took a snap shot with my phone.

I cannot believe this little baby is half way cooked.  I'm one of those people who REALLY wants to make it all the way to 40 weeks so here's hoping!

I'm sleeping really well these days and my eating is getting easier and easier.  We've been going on a lot of walks so that's been nice.

Nothing really new to report here.  No belly button, stretch marks, or weight news.

I've made no real progress on his nursery but I AM making progress on the hall closet (which is huge but if you have a space I'm sure you can find a way to fill it) and I HAVE to clean out the hall closet before I can work on his nursery because the nursery used to be a guest room.  I have to make the hall closet store more, have the playroom double as a guest room, and hopefully that will make his nursery progress easier.  Both houses we've owned have been 4 bedrooms so I'm really excited to not have two guest rooms.  I've always felt so silly having the extra space. 

Here's to the downward side of the hill!


Callie said...

Oh, the house projects! They never end. So exciting to be putting together your baby boy's nursery though! You look great!

Chasity Munn said...

Your two babies look just alike! It's going to be fun to compare the newborn photos once he is born. My little (big) Georgia was always in the 80-90 percentile and this one has been 20-22. So different that I can't really even compare them!

I also noticed today that my previously round booty has just gone away. Flat mom butt. :( But the rest of me has gotten thicker. Ugh!!



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