My (Honest) Vox Box Review

May 26, 2016

So, I've received free items from Influester before but I'm fairly certain that I've never recieved an actual VoxBox before.  So yes, I did get these products for free BUT my reviews are honest.  I wrote what I would buy again, what I wouldn't waste my time with, and I honestly used them in my daily life how I saw fit.  It was the "Super Mom VoxBox" so these are mainly reviews on how these products worked with Georgia or Georgia and I in our daily routine.

First of all, it's fun getting a big box of free stuff in the mail.
SlideProof Spiky Soft Touch Hair Elastics
I tried these first.  Georgia loved them just because she thought they looked pretty.  Once I got them back from her I put her hair up for breakfast and put my hair up just to get it out of my face.  AND, literally our hair didn't move all day.  Our pony tails never got loose.  I have very thick straight soft hair that will fall out of any style very easily.  Not with these.  It stayed put.  I will buy these again and again.  They work so well!
Ouchless Girl's Brush (coupon)
Combed perfectly through her dry tangled hair and her just washed and conditioned hair.  The real test was the swim bag.  Would it comb through her swim lesson hair?!  No, it did not.  Each bristle was way too flexible and only one or two would end up going through her soaking wet hair.  Would I buy this
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So, in all honesty I don't use this brand of dish soap.  We are trying to live a cleaner life style and I usually stick to Mrs. Myer's or Honest Company.  I've used this soap twice.  Once to clean out Georgia's water table (worked REALLY well on a season's worth of dirt and rain) and then again to clean out her beach bucket that had some type of oil in it (???) and again it worked really well.  (I also use cheaper dish soap to mix with vinegar and kill ants in our yard so I'm holding onto this for that purpose.)  Would I buy it?  No.  Not because it doesn't work well but when I get cheap dish soap for yard things I get the cheapest I can find.  When I buy dish soap for cleaning things we eat on I use a natural brand.
I love pens.  I have all kinds in all colors.  I really wanted to love these.  I really did.  They didn't write smoothly, always felt a bit grainy, and occasionally would leave blank spaces on my paper where no ink would show up.  I was initially excited about pink and turquoise ink but the turquoise pen was actually black ink.  Bummer.  So no, I wouldn't buy these.
Squeeze Sour Cream
I love sour cream.  It's a staple.  So this was dead on for our house.

Georgia and I are both flossers.  I don't know about J.  G doesn't need to floss.  She can stick a penny between each tooth but it's good to start healthy habits.  I typically stick to traditional floss and then use these for my back molars to get out anything hard to reach but I figured I would give them a try.  Georgia loved them by the way.  I brushed my teeth, used mouth wash and then flossed with my regular floss.  Then I got the flossers out and was grossed out by how much brushing, mouth wash, and floss had left behind.  These flossers did a great job.  I did not like them for my molars though.  It was way to hard to get a good angle.  Would I buy them?  Yes.
I don't wear antiperspirant, only deodorant.  It's a long story but Jonathan would prefer I not so it just isn't a battle I fight anymore.  Would I buy?  No.  Should you?  Don't know :)

I really like these products.  They are cleaner products that actually work.  I've tried several natural clean products on Georgia's hair and it left her hair always feeling like straw.  She has really dry hair like I do and we don't wash it everyday (which is hard because she loves to be a mermaid in the bath tub and she loves taking showers even more...I need to get her a shower cap.)  Anyways, all that to say I really like it and it works well and I will buy it again. (Not sure why the leave in conditioner link is so expensive?)

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