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May 23, 2016

Life lately has been moving slowly and busy all at the same time.  Our days before Jonathan gets home seem to drag on since we finished our home school curriculum but then once he gets home we are busy, busy, busy and the weekends seem to be the same way.

I've been trying to make our lunches a bit more fun.  We do make your own tacos, make your own pizzas (from bagel thins), build your own cracker sandwiches.  It keeps her occupied and she eats more so it's a win win.
 I've been building Milam's wardrobe.  His room is a mess but his clothes are coming together.
 We hung out with Nanny and Nana while Nanny got her hair done.
 Went to a couple's shower for our good friends.
 Usual Georgia shenanigans...
Jonathan and I went to our local pizza place and we let Georgia ride the go carts.  She had a great time and they won!
 We've been trying to have a lot of summer fun.  We're still working on our mixed media art work.  We added water guns and she loved it.
 She's really enjoying her swim lessons.  She can't swim just yet but she's getting there.  Her big issue is getting over herself and not saying, "I can't do that!"  So hopefully a new swim suit (Hanna Andersson), new goggles...it will entice her to at least try.
And, Gap and their casting call...I entered this year.  I know it is ridiculous but I couldn't help myself :]
We had a few rainy days last week but braved the weather so we could still get outside.
 I so enjoy that we have HUGE trees in our back yard.  Georgia is so fair and I'm always worried about her getting sunburn.  I just set up her outdoor toys under the large area of shade and she just plays and plays.  No sunburns for us.
 I starting teaching Georgia to divide her money three way.  10% goes to church and then, from what she has left, 50% goes to savings and 50% she gets to spend.
 On Friday we went to Woodbury Community Gardens here in Conroe.  It was a lot of fun.  It's all on an honor system.  You pick, weigh, and pay on your own.  The owners aren't there.  They also have goats and chickens.  You can take the eggs out of their fridge set up inside a little cottage as well.  There is a metal box where you leave your money for everything you're taking.  It's been there for years and we just visited.  You can also rent garden plots that are not apart of the weigh and pay system.
We also did a lot of yard work and enjoyed dinner and freezer meal swapping at a friend's.  Another busy week(end) but it was a good one.

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Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

LOVE that dress she has on in front of the black and white tiles.
That community garden place sounds really neat!! We have a community garden really close to our house, but all it is is plots for people to grow your own...you can't take anything. I wish you could!


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