Before Christmas

December 20, 2016

The weather here has been all over the place.  Cold some days (by Texas standards) and in the mid to high 70s the next day.  I couldn't find Milam's mittens the other day so I used a pair of his fuzzy socks.  Super ghetto but it worked.  He was not very pleased with me (see second picture).  He wants those two chubby hands in his mouth at all times.
 Jonathan's school has some really sweet employees.  When Milam was first born they sent us a blanket with his full name on it.  This week the dance team sent us this blanket with a sweet card signed by all the members.  I laid Milam on it too look up at the tree.
 This kid is growing like a weed.  He will not be four months old until the 22nd and he's already in 6-9 month clothes.  He ate 9oz the other day at one sitting. NINE!  That is insane.  Lots of changes for him that came this month that will be in his four month post.  I put him in the cute Christmas outfit the other day for pictures and realized, yes, 6-9 months fits you.  So crazy.
 This little one is sweet and adorable but oh my goodness her mouth is getting her into trouble.  I'm not sure how many times a day I say, "obey the FIRST time" or "don't argue with me".  She drives me crazy but I love her more than I can say.  She says the funniest smartest things and then tells me to stop talking.  Ugh.  
Please bear with me and all of my Insta Story pictures.  I say that every week but I know when I look back on all of my saved blogs 20 years from now, I'm going to be like...what the heck?!  Why are there words all over my pictures.
We've started practicing food just a tiny bit with Milam how how to sit in his high chair.  He's so dang cute and just looks so big!  He loves his big boy spoons but still loves his hands more.
Also, his bath tub chair is great.  Not sure you can buy these anymore but they are amazing.  Especially when you share the tub with older siblings.
 Georgia handed me her sucker to open it the other day so I gave it to Milam and snapped this picture the other day just to get her going.  Totally worth it.  If you look closely his aim is off and it's not even in his mouth...choking hazard...whatevs...;)
 We move Milam's bouncing car all over the house.  I had a genius move the other day and put it in the play room.  Brilliant.  He chewed on her princesses and fairies (that she gave to him) and was content for over 30 minutes.  Whenever I peaked around the corner she would just be touching his face and hugging him.  They love each other...for now.
We had two of Georgia's friends over on Sunday.  Girls are so messy you guys.  So so messy.  And I have anxiety and OCD. #kiddingNOTkidding
We have two of the horse tire swings that were gifted to us by some friends when we moved.  They are every kids favorite thing at our house.  There is a PVC pipe that holds the head and tail apart and the kids use it like a trapize or a seat.  They stack themselves up on that thing...and we usually just watch from the kitchen window.  One time the dad's sent us a picture, through the kitchen window, of SIX girls on it at one time.  SIX.
I'm not made for cold weather.  I'm just not.  One family braved the cold weather with me for a last minute photo shoot.  It was 40 degrees I think.  I've done colder but I don't enjoy it.  I had on knee socks, tights, jeans, tshirt, sweatshirt, fleece, scarf, gloves, and leather boots...still freezing.  When shooting it's hard to stay warm because I still need to be able to move a lot so I don't like to wear a big bulky coat.
 I've been doing some sale shopping as well.  Super good deals y'all!  I knew G would flip for this jacket because it was so soft.  She needed a coat that wasn't a pea coat and this one is plenty warm for most of our "cold" days here in the greater Houston area.
We went an entire semester at school not repeating a single outfit which I recognize as absolutely absurd.  Georgia gets a lot of hand me downs and I stock up sales.  Rarely do I pay full price for something.  Dang, I don't even like spending more than $15 an item.  Girl mom tip: you get a lot of bang for your buck with dresses.  Once they are too short you can wear them as tunics with ruffle pants.  My kid HATES pants so we mostly wear dresses over here.
Georgia loves Star Wars and dressing up so I figured we would test out this outfit for when her and her dad go see Rogue One.  She was so not impressed with the Jyn Erso look I came up with.  Mom fail.  Big time.  I threatened her though, like all good parents, and she smiled for a quick pic.
 She is obsessed with drawing and writing.  NOT coloring.  She doesn't have much interest in coloring.  She wants to write and illustrate all her own books.  She could care less about filling in colors on something someone else made.  Independent much?  Even though she has a desk in her playroom, and uses it often, she spends most of her creative time at the coffee table...because she's too social.
 I feel like we have way too many presents this year...mind you, most of those are for people that don't live in our house...
 Jonathan is officially off of work until the new year so we are trying to live it up while we can.  Georgia requested an outdoor fire with just mom and dad after Milam went to bed so of course we said yes.  She's been such a trooper through these months of a lot of change (new baby, switched to public school from homeschool, and Jonathan starting a new job...all of these occurring on the SAME exact day no less...) and I am so proud of her.
 She's a daddy's girl through and through
 That face.  Could not love her more.
Annnd...this is going up on a Tuesday because I forgot yesterday was actually Monday (forgot about gymnastics and power tumbling as well...oops)  Hope you have a lovely week :)


Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

I feel like the weather all over the country has been bipolar this last week!! It was -30 here on Sunday, and today it is 30+ degrees. Which is still really cold, BUT that's a 60 degree 2 days!
What is the deal with the arguing? Is it a 5 year old girl thing?? That's been getting the best of us here lately, too!

Callie said...

I love your winter photo-shooting outfit! I have to tell you though, your reference to 40 degrees made me laugh. We took our Christmas pictures outside in the snow the other day, and I think the thermometer said 4 degrees. ;-) (Sorry, us mountain people can't resist the teasing on what Texas considers "cold" :-P ) Also, socks can totally be gloves. At least according to my children.

Callie said...

I just realized the "us" should have been "we". I considered leaving it, but the inner grammar Nazi won out. ;-)


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