It's Monday Again.

January 9, 2017

My goodness it got cold here (in the greater Houston area) this weekend.  One night in the teens and one night in the 20s.  No snow but plenty of ice to keep Georgia occupied.  Oh, but it will be back up in the high 70's this week.  #crazy

If I post a lot about my chickens I do apologize.  They're just such funny and interesting little pets.  We are once again down to four.  At one point we did have seven.  One hopped the fence and was eaten by our neighbors dogs (She collects strays in her back yard.  I'm being totally serious.  And, most of them are horribly mean.) and two others were partially eaten by an unknown animal.  Any how, the eggs from top left and clockwise are: Sunny, Maddie, Lovie, and Ella.  Clearly, Georgia named our feathered friends.
Sunny, our newer yellow hen has been laying these gigantic double yolk eggs.  So funny!  We were not expecting that.  When I got the egg out of the coop I knew it was big but didn't realize how big until I put it in the fridge.  I died.
 I somehow don't think that egg carton is going to be closing...
My grandmother (we call her Nanny but her name is actually Emily.) had to take a trip to the hospital because of very high blood pressure (from an unknown cause) and then did a short stay at a rehab facility to build some strength back up.  Georgia was very glad when she came home.  She just lives a few streets over from us at my mom's house and I'm so glad for all the hours they are able to spend together.  Typically when we go to my mom's house (several times throughout the week) Georgia disappears instantly into Nanny's room (shes 92.5) and stays there most of the visit.  She likes to play in her lotion and baby powder, try on her jewelry, lay in her bed, sit in her lap and watch old westerns, or push Nanny around the house in her wheel chair.  Nanny is able to walk but my mom just doesn't like her to since she is prone to falling.  Nanny and Georgia are very good friends.
 Georgia is so funny these days (and can also be so infuriating!)  This was her the other day with my camera and her Rey stick.  Her little jacket kills me and it is her favorite.
 Our daily Q and A time is pretty funny.
 She loves bath robes and needed a new one.  Luckily she got three for Christmas.  Two girly ones and one star wars one.  The star wars one and the purple silky one are her favs.
 Georgia was smashing the water in the chicken's water bucket.  Her little wet mittens got frozen solid to the metal gate and she had to pull her hands out of the mittens to get herself free.
 We tried some "snow paint".  Fun but neither of us loved it.
Georgia yelled, "Mom!  Look what Milam did!"  She thinks she's so clever.  So funny but she sure didn't fool me!
I am not exaggerating when I say Georgia is obsessed with her brother.  It is the sweetest thing.  So far she loves him all.the.time.  We will see how long that lasts.
Milam is really starting to enjoy his books.  He loves to sit in our laps and look at the pages and try to reach out for them.
 He's slowly but surely becoming more mobile.  Watching him learn is just fascinating.
 He's not super content in anyone place these days.  I usually blame it on teething, which it could be, but a lot of the time all he wants is some good solid eye contact and to tell you about his day.  Some times he even just wants to be in on the action.  He doesn't ever want to miss out.  He's always been very nosey.  The other day he just wanted to play on the long as we were touching so when ever he wanted he could roll over and find me and smile and talk to me.  He's a big momma's boy for sure.
 He's continuing to do better and better with food.  He has started to do only chewing now instead of slurping and it is the cutest little thing.  LOOK AT THAT FACE!  He's just the cutest!
 My brother and sister in law said they couldn't resist the baby North Face and that Milam had to have it.  We all crack up when we see him in it.  It's Texas and puffy jackets are funny to us...

 He's really been into Georgia's things lately.  Ex: Hatchimal and American Girl dolls.  Totally blowing his mind.
 He's getting much better at sitting.  He can sit assisted with his boppy for an indefinite amount of time and he can do a kind of modified tri pod sit fairly well also.  I just can't believe how fast all these milestones are coming along.
For Christmas I got a book to help with taking notes during sermons.  I really like it so far.
 Jonathan and I are also venturing slowly into the clean eating world for just a month which means I have to cook some during the day.  It isn't going so bad.  Baking things helps me a lot.
As I write this it is Sunday and has just been the longest and busiest day.  Hopefully my little family and I can enjoy a much slower Monday and hopefully slow week.


Donna said...

I've always thought it would be fun to have a few chickens!

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

I think Milam looks so much like Georgia in that high chair pic! I don't usually think he does that much but he's a spitting image in that one!

Klein Dot Co said...

What fun having hens and fresh eggs! Those will help with your clean eating - are you doing Whole30?

Jessie Szmanda said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE your blog! Stopping by from Life Times 6 :) The chicken eggs crack me up, I never knew they could be SO different. Oh and your kids - SO cute! Love all of the pictures :)


Callie said...

Oh, I like the sermon notes book! It would be nice to have all my notes in one place. I might have to check it out!


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