Summer Schedule - 2017

June 8, 2017

I knew I was going to need some type of routine for Georgia during the summer so I wouldn't hear, "I'm bored" every 5 seconds.  I thought it over for awhile to figure out what would suit us best and this is what I was able to come up with.

On a simple piece of paper, simple is better for the summer, I have what she needs to do every day and what "school" work we need to work on.  The dot next to a school work items means we just need to work in one a week.  If she does every thing in the first group (not the school items) then she can earn some iPad time.  If she gets all her checks through out the week and gets an A on her spelling test then she gets to pick where to go out for dessert on Friday night.  She's really excited about it.
The chore jar goes with the "chores x 3" line.  There are 15 chores in the jar and she randomly picks three a day, does the chore, puts it in the "done" jar, and at the end of 5 days we put them all back in the chore jar and start over on Monday.
For the chores I wanted something that she could actually do on her own and that would help me out during the day/week.  So, I didn't put vacuuming or anything that required a large piece of equipment.  I showed her how to do each thing once (as well as her daily list above - I showed her how the first time)

The chores are:
Empty bathroom trash cans
Empty Milam's diaper pale (it's only pee diapers in there)
Empty playroom trash
Clean door knobs
Wipe coffee table
Scrub toilets
Wipe hall baseboards
Wipe kitchen/dining counters
Dust TV stand
Pull weeds
Wipe kitchen counters
Collect the eggs
Water plants
Wipe the bathroom counters-sinks-faucets
Tidy up the living room

The Bored Jar.  If she utters the word, "bored" she has to pick something from the jar and she has to do what it says.  They're all fun things so it is no biggie for her.  It is when she's at a loss for what to do.

The fun things are:
Create a field guide and go explore
Kinetic sand
Listen to a podcast
Play dolls
Make a card for someone
Draw something
Pick something under your bed (she had a several boxes of learning games)
Roller skates
Sidewalk chalk
Lite Brite
Explore the backyard
Puppet show

The first half day that we tried it she wasn't too keen on all of the ideas.  The first full day she did pretty good with some complaining.  Her second full day she did really well.  She actually asked to help me clean things that were not assigned to her and once she earned her iPad she didn't even want it.
Nothing Pinterest worthy and no fancy pictures but I just wanted simple and quick and to the point.  Something that we would actually stick to.  The first day it did feel a bit cumbersome but the next day was simple and it went well from there.

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Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

What Podcasts does she listen to? I never even thought to have my kids listen to them-good idea!


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