What A {School} Year

June 6, 2017

It was such a big year for us.  And yes, I speak in years in terms of school years.  Jonathan is a principal so even before Georgia was in school we were perpetually on a school year calendar.
Anyway, on August 22nd, Milam was born and we went from a family of three to four.  Not only was Milam born but it was also Georgia's first day of kindergarten, AND Jonathan's first day as Associate Principal. (There is one Principal, one associate principal, and four assistant principals.  So, he's second in command.)  Milam was born just as my alarm was going off to go wake Georgia up for her first day of school...needless to say, I didn't make it to her school that morning and Jonathan not only missed his first day of work but the entire first week.
The first week was great and super easy.  Jonathan was home with us and Georgia was at school.  I literally had to do nothing.  The second week, reality hit, because Jonathan went back to work.  I was so sad for him to leave and getting Georgia up in the morning was so hard when I had been up in the night several times with a certain cute little boy.  God blessed us with a sweet natured little boy very much unlike his older sister. (She wasn't just a "fussy" baby. She full on hated her first 7 weeks of life. Do you know what it's like to listen to crying from 7pm-11pm every night...solid. Like, no breaks. Wouldn't eat, didn't care if she was held or not...just cried and cried and cried). All in all having two kids was fairly simple. The hardest part was having to get up with G in the morning after  long night with Milam. I disagree hugely with people who say the jump from one kid to two is the hardest. The jump from no kids to one was by far the hardest for me.
The only big bump in the road that we had was thrush week which was super disappointing to say the least because I had to stop nursing much sooner than I had expected. Nursing was going so smoothly with him so I was really shocked. I had it with Georgia as well but it wasn't as bad and she handled it better...surprisingly.  I'm so glad I had all of Georgia's old blog posts to look back on. 
Eventually we settled into a routine and I've been so proud of all that Georgia has accomplished this year, all of Jonathan's professional growth, and how adding another member to the family has made me a much more patient and rational person.  I'm not sure Milam could have picked a worse day to be born but after 2.5 years of trying and having two miscarriages I really wouldn't expect anything less because the reoccurring theme of my life, that God wants to drill into my head is, you're not in charge.  Going back and looking through all my pictures from the past 9.5 months though, my heart just swells.  As hard as newborns are, and even though nothing went as I had planned, and other moms make me feel super inadequate, I do remember Milam's newborn days fondly and just can't believe these two miracles are mine all mine!
In a perfect world I would have picked a different birth month for him and not have certain medical conditions and illnesses but again, I'm not in charge here.  I would like to think I'm becoming more and more of the person God wants me to be. I'm learning to let go a little bit more and trust a whole lot more. Let go of what the world says I need to do as a mom and just do me the best that I can.
We have finally made it to summer.  Jonathan does actually work all summer but has off all Fridays which we are very excited about.  He leaves the house around 6 am which is way before I get up and gets home at nearly 6 so we will enjoy having him home those extra fridays!
I'm so so proud of Georgia and all she was able to learn this year and how flexible she was those first few months.  She went from being a home schooled only child to a public schooled big sister. Can't believe how big she's gotten and how much she's grown.  I love her so much.
At this moment in time I just could not ask for more!

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