Our Short Week

January 15, 2018

Georgia had off last Monday and then was home with me Tuesday to ensure she got all her medicine so she could go to the bathroom again so she just had school Wed-Fri.  Now today, Monday is a holiday so she's home again.

The weather for tomorrow is cold with a forecast of snow so I'm unsure what school on Tuesday will look like or if it will happen at all because...it's Texas y'all and we don't deal with snow.  At all.

Let's back up.  On Wednesday Georgia finally went back to school for the first time since Christmas break.  She was excited to see all her "besties", her teacher, and rock a new outfit she put together.  Never mind the note I have taped over the doorbell to keep the neighborhood kids from waking up Milam when he's napping.
She also switched gymnastics class and had her first day back since Christmas.  She was really excited about her mermaid leo!  I got it HERE.
Thursday she had gymnastics again and Friday we went to Arby's for dinner and ran errands when Jonathan got home from work and ended the night in bed watching a movie with G.
Saturday morning I had a newborn shoot and Jonathan watched the kids at home.  I wish I could say this is such a dad picture to send but I send Jonathan these pictures as well.
Also, on Saturday we went to a wedding.  We never go to weddings and were so excited to get out without the kids.  We had a lot of fun, ate yummy food, and got in a few dances. And...a trip to the photo booth where Jonathan got to pick the background :/
My forever wedding date.  He's the best.
On Sunday I stayed home while the fam went to church.  I slept horribly, no idea why, the night before and just could hardly stay awake on Sunday morning.  I tried to take a nap but just couldn't.

I picked out Georgia's clothes but she added the choker and the purse.  On point, G.  Milam, added the bitty Jeep ;)

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Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

I love that gymnastics outfit, so cute!!!


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